2021-04-01 19:07

Rufio is back on the scene in Deventer! Well, not in Deventer, I've sworn off that place for now. Something just isn't right there and I felt ... off... from my last visit.

Since I left there's been an interesting shift in the front office. Owner Ron Vennegoor has decided the QB of the future is now going to be the QB of the present. He was quite excited when drafting Albert Jacobs with the 4th pick in this last draft. He's got a lot to like in a young QB prospect. Most agree he's got a few seasons to go before he puts it all together but he's got a big arm and a solid burst with his legs to avoid the rush.If he gets some experience there's no reason to think he won't be very good for a long time.

Jacobs has played well so far this season and has so far led the Devils to contention for a playoff berth. Top 10 in yards and TD's, while only being sacked 3 times, but 11 interceptions shows his youth and the need for better decision making which comes with experience.

Coach Muriki has other ideas. Rumor has it that him and Jacobs don't exactly see eye to eye. I tried to get an interview with Jacobs or Vennegoor but was blocked by team officials. One of the knocks on Jacobs was his lack of team first attitude. He wants to do things his way and he's confident in his abilities to succeed that way. We know Muriki has a very different view on how he prefers things to be done. A big concern here is Muriki had a hand in the draft process, he knew about this kid and decided he could handle him... he seems to have been mistaken. Clearly the kid has rejected this process of energy and creepy manipulation and feels he's got the support from the most important player in the drama...

And that's where it gets even crazier. There's rumors that the father of linebacker Suleiman Sulaiman (who donated a small fortune to upgrade the training facilities when his son was drafted) has become quite close with coach Muriki... so close that's he's apparently collecting funds for a takeover of the Devils from Vennegoor to let Muriki run everything the way he feels he must. I have no idea how this is possible, but unlimited money and whatever otherworldly abilities Muriki has keeps everything in play. I understand doing everything for your kids, but this is some pretty obsessive stuff.

I'll monitor this situation pretty closely (from a distance) and report if I hear anything else. It's difficult enough for a new young team to gel and have early success. Adding in a QB-coach rift and front office drama is certainly not a positive.

This has been Rufio far, far away from the scene!

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