2021-05-11 15:17

The following statement has been released by the Deventer Devils:

Following the take-over of the majority stake in the club, and with that effectively taking over the day-to-day running of the club, the new management has held an emergency review of the current operations. We found that the team spirit within the club had been afflicted with a complacency that was fueled by people (players and staff alike) noAt being held accountable. As a result of aforementioned review, we therefore make the following announcements:

1. QB Albert Jacobs has been removed as a starter and has been put on the trade block. Any interested parties should visit our Front Office to indicate interest. We thank Albert for his hard work while being under center for this club but he has recognised as well that a move to a different club is in the best interest of all parties involved.

2. Following a review of the players at the disposal of coach Muriki we found 15 players unfit to play for the club and well below the baseline that we expect of a starter. These have been or will be transfer listed and will be fired (with ample compensation of course) if a buyer cannot be found.

3. A transfer funds of $50 million has been made available to GM and Coach Muriki with immediate effect. In order to make the squad competitive Muriki has identied we need to bring the following players in:
1 (backup) QB
2 TE
1 Punter
1 Kicker
2 CB
2 DL
3 OL

Our scouts have given their asssignments and we expect to get these players in over the coming weeks. signings in

4. All positonal coaches except SF coach Gustavo Mendoza have been fired with immediate effect as we deemed them not good enough to be working for a club as ambitious as the Deventer Devils are.

5. We will be looking to hire new coaches but will wait for the right fit before hiring. We do however have been able to find a new OL coach who will join the club tomorrow.

We felt that this was needed to send a signal to everyone in the club that mediocrity is not longer accepted and that we are in the business of winning and getting promoted as soon as we can.

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