2011-09-28 17:49

This was added to the manual, please read:

"Each player has a position. You have to decide which position is the best for your players. In the player details you can switch the position. During the first 8 weeks of his career in your team you might switch the position as often as you like. After this period switching the position comes along with two penalties. The player will lose half of his Morale and half of his Team Chemistry. Please note the "Free Position change 'til" in the player details. It tells you when the period is over for switching positions without the penalties. You will get a warning when you attempt to switch the position outside this period. If the period is over the marker in the player details will not appear anymore. That 8 weeks period starts when you get your team, when you buy or draft players, when you negotiate a contract with a Free Agent, and when a Youngster is joining your Senior team. Players in your Youth academy can switch their positions without any penalty."

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