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A team consists of players, the guys doing the job on the field.

You will have Offense, Defense and Special Team players. Each of them has a set of skills and maybe special player traits. You have to carry a minimum number of players on your roster, and there is a maximum number of players allowed to have on your team. Players get older, 1 year per season. They celebrate their birthday on the season rollover. This is the moment where we switch from one season to another.

Players get older, and eventually they retire. At the age of 30, players start to think about retiring, and it is the player’s decision if he stays for another season or not. Once he decides to retire there is nothing a manager can do, except to wish him well. Managers are not able to fire retiring players once the season began. Canceling the contract for a retiring player is possible.
Up to 2 out of these retiring players per team offer the manager to stay for one more year. The manager receives a message telling about the players will to rethink retirement. The manager can then pay the amount asked by the player. The function is available on the players detail page, next to the options for firing players.
The player will ask for at least $2,000,000, but no more than $10,000,000 - depending on his wage bill.
Sometimes you fire players, do not extend their contracts, or they got cut by the league Authority due financial penalties. If the action happened not more than 8 weeks ago and the transfer market is open due season rollover limitations and the player is less than 30 years old and does not belong to another team meanwhile, you can turn him into free agent. He will then join the transfer market, and you might buy him back into your team from there. Of course this is going to be a public player auction, so other managers could place their bid as well. You can turn players into free agents in your roster history.

Players have skills, these skills determine how good or bad a player is. We have skills like Kicking where the range is from 1 to 50, and we have skills like Physical Condition measured in percent from 1 to 100. A skill of kicking 1 doesn’t mean the skill is at the lowest possible level - and the player could not kick at all. Rather it means the player is at 75% of his kicking ability. And the player could gain the missing 25% of his kicking by raising the skill to 50. For further description of Skills check the Glossary.

Each player has a position. You have to decide which position is the best for your players. In the player details you can switch the position. During the first 8 weeks of his career in your team you can switch the position as often as you like. After this period, switching the position comes with two penalties. The player will lose half of his Morale and half of his Team Chemistry. Please note the "Free Position change 'til" in the player details. It tells you the last day for switching positions without the penalties. You will get a warning when you attempt to switch the position after this period. Once the period is over, the free position change information in the player details will not appear anymore. The 8-week period starts when you buy or draft players, when you negotiate a contract with a free agent, and when a youngster joins your senior team from the Youth academy. If you get your new team after registering for, the period for switching positions without facing penalties is 20 weeks long. Players in your Youth academy can switch their positions without any penalty.

Starting from season 3 there is an "Out of position" penalty active on game time. This will result in a quite high loss of abilities if a player is not playing at his position.

There are some exceptions:

1.) There is no skill lowering as long as the player is within his position switch period

2.) There is no penalty when playing Kickers as Punters and vice versa

3.) There is no penalty when playing a player as Gunner, Kick returner, Special Team Blocker or Special Team Tackler, no matter what his original position will be

The penalty itself is low enough not to screw your complete gameplay, but high enough to turn Trophies into a dream without a chance to get them. This means, a 40 catching Linebacker will act better than a 20 catching Widereceiver, as example, but the linebacker can't compete with a 40 catching Widereceiver.

You are not allowed to fire players or to cancel their contracts or to change their position within a period of 45 minutes before a games kickoff, and 15 minutes after the end of a game of your team.

You are allowed to rename players, if these players have no stats for other teams than yours. By that function, you could even change the player's nationaility to the nationality of your team. This function is restricted to up to 10 renaming requests per season, and this counter resets on season-rollover. Players, who did not play a single game for your team so far, do not count against this limit. Renaming players consumes Credits.

Players can have jersey-numbers. The numbers assigning is done via the player-list, by clicking on the number-icon. The colors and styles the manager can adjust by changing these things in the settings.

Starting with the rollover to Season 49:

All players aged 30 or higher will become cheaper in terms of their salary, and their expected minimum transfer sum ("asking price") will be lower as well.

Starting with the rollover to Season 50:

Players with age 31 or higher might lose some abilities. Such a loss will come true at season rollover, and will hit either speed, strength or agility of such an player in a very marginal way (~1-3%). If a player was hit by the loss, he cannot regain the ability by training. Players of that age will exhaust a little faster during gameplay, and they might be more prone to getting injured during gameplay or training.

Starting with the rollover to Season 52:

Players with age 31 or higher are getting less playtime during games. This was introduced with the changes in season 50. But this exhaustion was not age dependend at that time. With the start of Season 52 this was changed to an age depending exhaustion. This way a 33 years old player shows less exhaustion compared to an 35 years old player, and therefore the 33 years old player from this example will have more playtime on the field, if all other conditions like tactics and so on are comparable.