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Leverkusen Leopards

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posted: 2023-06-16 13:09:29 (ID: 100174830)  Edits found: 9 Report Abuse
10. GAMEDAY (FRI. 25.08.2023)
Constanta Ravens @ Leverkusen Leopards
-> Game
-> Score: 0:19
It's regular season final and even most teams are already eliminated from the playoff race, it's still a matter of pride and honor.
That's why the league did RAISE THE BANNER as motto and every stadium was full of flags, banners, logos, merchandising and other stuff.
The Leopards had raised hundreds of logo-flags, unfortune, revealed later, the pic did not show a Leopard, but an Ocelot.
Cute, but not as frightening as that agile hunter they are named after.
Well, most did not see the difference and enjoyed the game against the Ravens.
And what a game it was.
The 1st quarter, the Leopards forced a fumble, and used the good position for a 40-yard-Field-Goal.
The fans did raise their free-give-away-Ocelot flags. Fantastic.
Late in the 2nd quarter did the Leopards win slowly the position battle and with the help of a good return on a punt, they started a good drive, capped by a long TD run by Riste Mrvo.
At halftime, Leopards leading 10:0, the group of actors came into the stadium to show of some tricks in cat-suits.
In this case unfortune printed as Leopard Cats, a small cat from Asia, far away from the real Leopards.
But the fans had fun, the organizer got the pink slip (after the game).
Then the 3rd quarter, another Field Goal by the Leopards, this time from 54 yards, followed by a big wave of Ocelot flags.
Beginning of the 4th quarter a longer drive by the Ravens, unfortune ended by a fumble, which gave the home team again a scoring chance.
A few plays later, the Leopards did score another Field Goal, from 51 yards.
The Ravens now in Do-Or-Die-Mode did play aggressive, but were stopped often on 4th down, which game the Leopards again good field positions.
At some point they were in scoring range again and kicked a 30-yard-Field-Goal for the final score of 19:0.
MVP was named the Leopards kicker, Hüseyin Schmidt, with 4 FGs. He got a full set of Ocelot plush toys.

Braska Bangers 09 @ H2TAGIT4Q
-> Game
-> Score: 12:0
H2TAGIT4Q has put on every Guinness flag available on the whole stadium. Most of them near the locations to purchase the beer.
And lucky fans, they got a special price for the last game.
So when the game started the fans were already in good mood.
The 1st quarter was all defense, Bangers and H2TAGIT4Q unable to do something big.
The fans, quite bored, did enjoy the cheap beer and did taunt the teams.
H2TAGIT4Q became snubbed and tried 60-yarder early in the 2nd quarter and missed it by a mile.
The fans did cheer with a glass and waited for the next action.
That did not take long, thanks to the long field goal try the Bangers started with a good position already, used some good plays to finally try a 50-yard Field Goal and made it!
The fans cheered, drank and looked for some more.
Later, Peter became a bid bold and send the poor kicker again on the field, this time to try a 66-yarder, which went wide off, hit a service worker, who demanded a beer for cure.
Another good field position for the Bangers by that, a few magic plays and they kicked a 35 yard Field Goal for a 6:0 halftime lead.
At halftime the Guinness Marching band, flown in from Ireland, did show, how to perform a great show on a high alcohol level.
Afterwards they did drink a bit more and started a nice chat with the fans.
The 3rd quarter was dominated by the Bangers, who were able to score another Field Goal (40 yards, after a great punt return) and did prevent any offense action for the H2TAGIT4Q.
At the start of the 4th quarter did then H2TAGIT4Q also fumble the ball, which gave the Bangers another good chance, which was not used.
Meanwhile the fans started to sing Irish folk songs, with the help of the Guinness marching band.
Slowly the H2TAGIT4Q lost some ground again regarding field position and after some punts and returns, the Bangers were again in scoring range to cap another drive with a 46-yard field goal for the final score of 12:0 for the Bangers.
A bid unfortune it was agreed to name the MVP by the fans, who did by far vote the Guinness beer seller.
The ceremony was short.

Morgantown Mad Dogs @ Alaskan Fur Trappers
-> Game
-> Score: 3:13
The Trappers had called out the fans to show their support and while the stadium was transformed into some sort or Alaska wildlife park, just without any animals, the fans came as Trappers. Fur, fur a lot of fur.
The hard-core fans came with seal boots and survival package on their back.
Nothing authentic, all just romantic wanna-be-looks-nice-is-rubbish-stuff, but hey, lucky them it was only 30 degrees Celsius hot and the next hamburger sales stand with beer and soft drink just a short walk away.
So a big bunch of already slightly smelly Trappers awaiting the final match of their team.
Before the match a guy in a moose costume did interpretate the anthem like a moose, which led to the 1st hunt of the day.
The teams starting to play, with the 1st quarter quite defense driven.
A longer punt return did give the Trappers then suddenly a quite good starting position, mid of the quarter, in the Mad Dogs Red Zone, but the Trappers were unable to punch it in and settled for a Field Goal from 26 yards.
The fans boooooooooooooed the kicker, who did show in disgust sign signaling 'it stinks here'.
And true, the fans in fur, with hamburger and beer remains ON the fur, in hot weather, did smell like a bunch of ... well ... Trappers, I guess.
In the 2nd quarter, no highlights, just more smell, which was compensated by burgers and beer. Nobody did touch the soft drinks.
At halftime then the highlight, a life action role playing presentation of the Alaskan settlement, sparing the bloody details, or course.
Then 3rd quarter the Mad Dogs having the ball, 2nd play of the dive and the runner of the Dogs loses the football, a Trappers player takes it and runs it to ... the ... house!
Later the Mad Dogs player did reveal that a disgusting smell did hit him at that moment, forcing him into shock.
Well, who would have thought that the fan action would help that much?
A few plays later the Dogs had a bad punt after a bad drive and the Trappers got the ball deep in Dogs territory.
Not getting much done on offense the special teams did again try to save the day and the kicker kicked a 45-yard field goal ... not ... since he did only hit a fan, on the right side of the field. Bad luck.
Beginning of the 4th quarter the Trappers had another chance for e Field Goal and missed it, again. This time from 42 yards.
But it was not over yet, even most fans would have liked that, since the smell became a wall of stinking.
Maybe that helped, maybe not, but the Dogs fumbled again, and the Trappers got the ball on the 7 yard line.
Still too far, they thought and after a few plays the kicker had to make the chip shot from 25 yards.
Over? No!
In garbage time the Trappers punt team did allow a very long return by the Dogs and after a few offense plays the Dogs did finally kick a Field Goal to get points on the board.
The 44 yarder was good and sealed the final score of 13:3 in favor or the home team.
MVP was named the special teams.
After the game the fans did walk home, which became a challenge for some of them, since they do live a long way afar from the stadium, but no transport was possible because of the smell.

hamburg krill (HSL) @ Fredericksburg Comanches
-> Game
-> Score: 9:0
It's Comanches time and the arena did feature all sorts of stuff from the native tribe, all well researched and aligned with the tribe itself.
The fans came in as Indians, with costumes from the local costume sellers, or even far away, still so incorrect in form, shape, color and material that the tribe chief did rub his eyes.
Well, he did not want to spoil the fun, but said to the management that the fan shop should be boosted for next season, which was agreed.
The game ... let's say the home team had not much fun and the fans neither.
The hamburg krill did play a bit better and smarter, getting a good drive done mid-1st quarter and took the lead with a 33 yard field goal.
The fans did dig out the battle axe (ok, they did not they just shouted and they did by beer), and cursed the visiting team.
The 2nd quarter was all defense, no scoring.
At halftime then a great show of Comanches hunting techniques on live animals, which was not all fun for the families.
The Chief was satisfied by the display of his people’s skills and dismissed the critics.
Until mid-3rd quarter all defense again, then a scoring chance by the home team, a 54-yarder, but the Field Goal try did miss.
The fans furious, did dig out the battle halberd (even the existence of such weapon not historically proven, the stadium speaker did call it that way, when the fans did shout louder and drank more beer).
Late in the 3rd quarter than a krill fumble, which gave the Comanches a great field position, which they gave away with a fumble on their side on 2nd play, starting of the 4th quarter.
Fans now angry, started digging out the battle tank (well ... we know, but the stadium speaker is a loony, what should we do?).
It did not help, krill got the ball a bit later again after a longer return and kicked a field goal from 49 yards and then they also had a long drive at the end of the 4th, capped by a field goal with time running out from 26 yards.
MVP was named the guy who had to clean up the bloody mess on the field at halftime.
After the game the fans did socialize with the team and it was all good and all beer.

BobBoy Magpies @ Social Distance Runners
-> Game
-> Score: 14:0
The Runners had invited their fans into a field of banners and shields, showing the teams logo.
The fans did acknowledge the colorful display of team pride and bought hundreds of scarfs and caps.
That should become a problem a bit later.
The 1st quarter, Magpies with a great return on a punt.
Did not manage to get the offense going but shot a field goal from 48 yards out.
The fans not Ok with that but did encourage the home team to respond.
And it did by slowly losing ground to the Magpies over a period of several drives.
In the 2nd quarter after another punt, but with an average return, the Magpies were already in scoring range.
The fans now a bit angry. Waving their scarfs.
The visiting team ignored it and made a quite good drive but was stopped before they were able to score a TD, settle for a 25-yard-field goal, no leading 6:0.
Halftime, a team of animators did try to motivate the fans to interact, but all they got was a wave of caps thrown to them (1 person was hurt by a cap shield breaking her nose, nobody was able to explain how that was possible).
So, already a bad mood on the stands and it did not calm down.
3rd quarter, with a fantastic punt, nailed the offense of the Runners on the 1-yard line and then the runner was nailed in the endzone for a safety.
A bit later, Runners on 1st down, fumble.
Lucky them, the Magpies were unable to make something out of it.
A bit later, Magpies again in scoring range and this time they kick a 50 yarder.
Still not over, the fans already climbing over the fences, the service people trying to prevent this.
Both teams already exhausted, but the Runners more than the Magpies. The Runners did allow several longer runs, let the Magpies again in scoring range and at the end they did kick another Field Goal (37 yards) for the final score of 14:0 Magpies.
The fans on the field and the scarfs already on their hands.
How they got wet, nobody knows, but they did let the home team feel the pain of this defeat by whipping their butts with the wet scarfs, until every player fled the ground.
After that it was all good and all did drink a beer or two.
MVP was named the brave person trying to stop the masses from entering the field, 1st, who was later found at the top of the stands, where the mass has carries her over their heads to get her out of the way. No further harm was done to her, by her own statement, just a long stage dive up the stands. 'Overall, it was fun. Scary at the tie it happened, but now ... fun'

Melittlemenon thepitchhitchin @ Bretzfeld Bandits
-> Game
-> Score: 10:0
The Bandits with their final regular season game and they did invite their fans as BANDITS.
The police did state that it might be not a good idea to have 30-plus thousand people with masks on a single spot, but the team manager did deny any link to real bandits or worse.
In the 1st quarter the Bandits did fumble the ball quite early, but thepitchhitchin was unable to get points out of this, missing a 36-yard Field goal after some plays.
A bit later a Bandits punt return did give the home team a good field position and after some useless plays, the Field Goal try from 54 yards did miss the target, also.
Still scoreless, the fans did complain about the Bandit-style masks, limiting the beer drinking, which did result in a lot of straws been given out.
The 2nd quarter started and thepitchhitchin had another chance to score, but missed another time a Field Goal try, this time from 49 yards out.
A few drives later, Bandits again under pressure, did punt and thepitchhitchin did return for 41 yards this time.
Great play to get a drive going, already in scoring range.
The offense useless, the special team did get on the field again and this time the kick was right, from 40 yards out, to take the 3:0 lead.
Halftime, a bunch of Western hobby actors did enter the field, on horses, and a wild improvised show was shown.
Afterwards, a delay of the 2nd half, since several horse droppings had to be removed and those were plenty.
Both teams came out aggressive, but with no real winner, until another Bandits fumble did happen.
thepitchhitchin did take the ball, broke some tackle tries and returned it to the endzone. Touchdown and the fans were ... well ... already passed out, since they did drink too much beer through a straw, but the WOULD have been angry, for sure.
A bit later, Bandits tried everything, played 4th down, missed the conversion and gave the ball to thepitchhitchin.
They, tried to make some yardage, but fumbled the ball away!
No Bandits in good position, but in need of some good scoring, tried 4th down conversion again and failed, again.
Beginning of 4th quarter, the Bandits QB in a hurry, tried some trick play, the ball carrier takes the ball to the house BUT IS whistled down, thanks to an illegal forward pass.
What a pity.
And that did break the spirit of the comeback try.
Both teams did play tough defense, none did do real errors and at the end thepitchhitchin won the game 10:0.
MVP was named the defender returning the fumble to the house, Adam Bovenberg. Big man with football.

Lincoln Towncars @ Chelt Nam Bobbers
-> Game
-> Score: 0:40
The Bobbers were up for fan-day and RAISE THE BANNER.
The team colors were everywhere.
And 10 persons were seen as mascots, wearing helmets with wings, later to be revealed to be just hardcore fans.
And all the cheering they did was shouting loud and constantly, only interrupted by consumption of tequilas.
The teams were ready to play, but only 1 team really came to play, the home team.
After a few plays on both sides the Bobbers had a great return on a punt and were by that in scoring range.
A few plays later the ball was kicked through the uprights and the home team did lead by a 49-yard Field Goal.
Suddenly a booming loudness came up, when 30.000 handguns were fired.
It turned out the fans had brought their personal defense systems with them, armed with blanks, luckily.
The stadium manager did turn white because of the surprise and the security error and started to prey, to not having some serious accident.
Meanwhile the Bobbers got the ball back after some drives and managed to get a long one going, leading into the 2nd quarter and which did almost lead to a Touchdown, but did only lead to another Field Goal, from 21 yards out. 6:0 Bobbers.
Next drive, the Towncars got the ball deep in their territory, gained nothing, punted short and suddenly the Bobbers were already ready to score again.
A few plays later, the next Field Goal from 34 yards was good for a 9:0 lead at halftime.
And on every scoring play, a blast of gun fires.
Halftime, a local motor gang did show their skills riding the bikes on gras.
Afterwards the field was rubbish, but the fans were happy.
All drivers were invited for Tequila shots.
The 2nd half, Bobbers got the ball and did march over the field and scored a Touchdown! 16:0. BOOM.
Then Towncars unable to do much, gave the ball away by punt, which die Bobbers used as invite to get back in scoring range.
Some great defense plays did prevent another Touchdown, but the Field Goal from 22 yards was good. 19:0.
Next play, Townscars fumble the ball away and the Bobbers did march again into the endzone after a few plays. 26:0. BOOM.
Now, already in the 4th quarter, the Bobbers got another long drive going, and this time they were again able to get into the endzone. Touchdown for 33:0. BOOM.
Meanwhile the police had set up camp outside the stadium, but since they were also Bobbers fans, did not enter the building, as long as no injury did happen.
Towncars did sputter again, punt the ball and the Bobbers did return it for a long return, only stopped on a shoelace.
Bobbers then took the ball and ran it in for a last time for the final score of 40:0. BOOM.
The Bobbers RBs were named MVP with over 300 yards rushing.
After the game the real party started, when the fans did invite many friendly professional women for the players and fans, all sponsored by some hardcore fans.
Afterwards a lot of the fans and players were seen by the doctor to work on the same kind of diseases concerning aching between the legs.

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Leverkusen Leopards

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posted: 2023-06-16 13:11:13 (ID: 100174831)  Edits found: 7 Report Abuse
BLOCKS OF GRANITE BOWL (Red Grange Conference Championship Game) (FRI. 01.09.2023)
Chelt Nam Bobbers @ BobBoy Magpies
-> Game
-> Score: 0:8
The 1st semi-finale of the Leatherhead-League, the BLOCKS OF GRANITE BOWL, did feature Chelt Nam Bobbers playing on BobBoy Magpies homefield.
Officially 32645 fans did come to watch the show, but rumor says, there were even double on the fences (which were gone after the game).
The Magpies the unbeaten perfect team, the Bobbers the runners-up.
Bobbers got the ball from the coin toss and were stopped after a short drive.
The Magpies had a bit more success, but overall, the ball was just exchanged by punts after short periods of plays for the whole 1st quarter.
The fans did not mind, always hoping for the special play, giving their team the small advantage in field position or score.
Then 2nd quarter, the Magpies did start already at mid field, did not get much done, but punt the ball perfect to nail the Bobbers on their own 4-yard line.
Still enough room to avoid bad consequences, but the Magpies did smell blood and crushed the Bobbers runner 2 times in their own backfield and on the 2nd time the referee decided on a Safety! Magpies took the lead of 2:0 and the ball (which they did again punt a way after a few plays).
The remaining 2nd quarter was dominated by the lines again, with no progress was made enough to make a difference.
At halftime, the Magpies had invited all school bands of the surrounding schools in reach.
The intention was to have a huge band playing songs together, unfortune they could only agree on Christmas-songs, that why the fans were blasted by great versions of traditional Christmas songs on that warm sunny day.
What a joy!
The sound was so loud, when the teams came out of the locker room again, you could see their emotions on the faces, tears in their eyes, because of those fine versions.
Back to the game, 3rd quarter, all defense.
You could hear the fans chewing in their nails, waiting, longing, for that final play to seal the deal, or to turn the tide of the game.
A tough situation for the Bobbers again early in the 4th quarter, again pinned on their own 1-yard line.
But this time the blood lust of the Magpies was denied, the Bobbers made small progress to punt the ball away.
unfortune, the punt was OK, but the return was stopped late, and the Magpies started already in scoring range.
Bobbers did what they could, but were unable to push the team backwards, resulting in a 42-yard field goal try, which was good!
Now 5:0 for the Magpies.
And then, there is no other way to describe it, did the Bobbers inflate.
Their defense was still OK, stopped the Magpies from marching over the field, but the team overall did allow too much, especially the punt returns of the Magpies were just not stopped early enough.
The result was that after a few drives the Magpies were again in scoring range and after a few plays did kick the 43-yarder for the 8:0 final score.
A few drives later the ref did raise ball for the end of the game and the fans did storm the field to praise their heroes, who won the Red Grange Conference and made it to the Championship game, the FOUR HORSEMEN BOWL!
MVP was named Kendall Spaulding, with 13 returns for 142 yards, which did lay the ground for the terrific result.

RED ELEPHANTS BOWL (Ernie Nevers Conference Championship Game) (FRI. 01.09.2023)
Lincoln Towncars @ Social Distance Runners
-> Game
-> Score: 0:34
Welcome to the RED ELEPHANTS BOWL, the 2nd semi-finale of the Leatherhead-League.
Lincoln Towncars are visiting the Social Distance Runners, who did get 32119 tickets paid and roughly the same number was faked and the service personal did let everyone in, since otherwise they would have gotten black eyes or worse.
So a packed stadium, no one sitting.
And it was bad day for the Towncars, so much up front.
Their 1st possession of the ball, after the initial drive of the Runners, did end with a fumble and the Runners did say 'thank you' and finished the drive with a 30-yard Field Goal to take the lead.
Later in the quarter did the Towncars try a trick play with that modern forward pass, but bad execution did lead to a turnover.
The Runners did party and took the ball, now already in the 2nd quarter, and ran it into the endzone. Ding-Dong, Runners up for 10:0.
But that was not the last action of the game.
Later in the 2nd quarter, the Runners got the ball back at mid field, took the ball and the Towncars defense were unable to stop the Runners for good.
Long runs after long runs did happen and at the end ... 17:0 Runners by another Touchdown.
Still not finished.
Next Runners drive, even a bit deeper in their own territory, but no problem, the Towncars defense became a revolving door, the runners did ... well ... run, like mad.
Short before halftime, another Touchdown for a 24:0 halftime lead.
The show at halftime, a spectacular show with motorbikes, fire, giant cars and horses on wheels, all ignored by the fans, who did just party and started to plunder the beer desks.
While they were singing, the 3rd quarter started and the Runners had a very long drive, eating away a lot of time, capped by a field goal.
That was praised by the fans, but it was clear the team is in the finale and the game just has to end, the scoring just entertainment.
Already mid-4th quarter did the Runners again get the ball for a longer drive and they did deliver.
After a many plays, they did score another Touchdown for the final score of 34:0.
The remaining time was run down by both teams and then the party started to get into overdrive.
So, the Runners won the Ernie Nevers Conference and did reach the FOUR HORSEMEN BOWL to play for the Championship.
MVP was named Tadeusz Wagner, who had 25 rushes for 177 yards and 2 TDs.

FOUR HORSEMEN BOWL (Leatherhead-League Championship Game) (FRI. 08.09.2023)
BobBoy Magpies @ Social Distance Runners
-> Game
-> Score: 11:3
The league has not acted cheap this season and brought in a complete western show to the stadium, including a Saloon, an Undertaker, the Sheriff and those fill-in-houses to have it not look too ridiculous. A Bank was denied because of security reasons, and nobody had an idea how to bring in and out that gigantic safe.
What a pity, still a great show prior the game.
A big amount of helping hands did bring out the props after the show and cleaned the field of artificial blood, knifes and colts.
With just 30 minutes delay the game did start.
The coin toss was thrown by a real Cowboy, rumor is, it was 'Handsome Ted', the famous Western Bandit, who’s method was to get into the house of the left alone wives, while their husbands were busy to find and hang again the wrong guy, and to enchant them with his famous smile to show him the jewels.
Since most of the women had not money, we leave it to your imagination, what kind of jewels were shown.
Fact is, a surprisingly a lot of young persons do live in those villages, where 'Handsome Ted' did roam, who have a slightly similarity to him with his funny red hair.
It's not known he ever did rob anything beside the so-called honor of the families, at that time that was enough to put a large amount of money on his head.
Back to the game, Magpies won the toss and decided to get the ball.
Well, to be fair, that was more or less irrelevant, both teams did interchange the ball many times before something important did happen.
After a 53-yard punt return it did look like the Magpies might have a chance to get into scoring range, but again the progress was stopped, and the ball was punted away.
A few drives later still in the 1st quarter, did the Magpies again punt, but his time the timing was right, and the ball went out of bounce on the Distance Runners 1 yard line.
Next play the Runners tries a bold rushing play and were denied by a huge wave of Magpies players, forcing themselves into the backfield of the Runners and Rob Wise, the mountain of a defense linemen, did pull down the poor runner for a Safety.
Magpies leading now 2:0, and they get the ball.
A good return on that free kick brought the Magpies in good position, but they had to punt again.
unfortune for the Runners, the punter had another lucky shot and placed the ball on the 4-yard line.
The Social Distance Runners in bad position, tried to break free, but to hard hits did stop the runners behind the line of scrimmage and Milton Kilgore, the other giant DE, brought the QB down on that 2nd play on that keeper play. Another Safety for the Magpies, which seems to be a record in a single quarter.
The Magpies got the ball back, but for the rest of that quarter and the 2nd one also, both teams did not manage to make any progress worth mentioning.
So, we had a score of 4:0 at the half for the Magpies.
All open.
Fast was ANOTHER western city build up and a new play was performed, including 100 cattle and a lot of shooting. Half of the cities was burned after the show, but the fans were happy.
Well ... the volunteer helpers were not happy, when they had to clean the field of the dropping of 100 cattle and a dozen horses, plus the usual blood and weapons.
Unfortune the BOWL logo was burned a bit and looked more like THE FOUR FRIED CHICKEN BOWL, but that was not really recognized.
With only 45 min delay was the 2nd half started.
This time, 'Goldtooth Sheldon' brought in the gameball to get the kickoff started.
While we are waiting, 'Goldtooth Sheldon' is the last dentist from those old days of the west. He did help the poor people with their dental problems and since he took only gold as payment and had by himself quite bad teeth, he did manufacture 2 sets of artificial teeth (upper jaw and lower jaw) and did overlay the teeth with gold to have them clean and with that bold look on a smile.
Of course, he was often victim of robberies, but he did survive all, since he might have had bad teeth, but the finest collections of weapons and a hand-eye-coordination, every bandit would be jealous about. So he did shoot 96% of all robbers, the rest did survive with severe injuries, including the loss of every tooth in their mouth, which did teach them a lesson.
This quarter was the Runners time to have a better field position, but until roughly middle of the quarter it was all just helpless. Then, with a small effort on a punt return, suddenly they were in scoring range and after some helpless tries and a single good one for a 1st down, the Runners did kick a 33-yard field goal to close the gap to 4:3.
Holy Moly, what a nail biter.
Both teams wanted to win, both teams did not allow much progress.
The 3rd quarter went on and ended, the 4th quarter started and went forward, nothing.
Then, less than 7 minutes to play a change.
The Runners were again forced to punt, and it was a long kick, Kendall Spaulding did catch the ball easily, then made a small step to the side and the gunner did fly by with no impact, Spaulding gained speed, made more people miss, change direction, to advantage of his teammates block and a poor ref in the way, stiff armed the poor punter and ran the ball to the house on a 93-yard-return-Touchdown.
The fans went wild!
Runners in shock, got the ball, did not get something going, Magpies in charge, also nothing, again the Runners, then at last the Magpies to run down the clock and finally the ball in the Air to close the game.
The fans stormed the field to praise their heroes, the Cowboys came on the horses, with them 100 cattle, it went into overdrive.
At some point the MVP was named, Kendall Spaulding with 17 returns for 343 yards and 1 Touchdown.
He was sitting on a cow, when the trophy was given him, naked.
'Handsome Ted', surely now of old age and beyond did try his best to get the number of a cheerleader (which was denied), everyone was so self-confident on that moment.
'Goldtooth Sheldon' did present the trophy to the Magpies and then the party did start to kick into highest gear, and we lost track of all the stories.
On the next day most of the team was found at the river, still in party mode, all with Cowboy hat and pink boots, the rest naked, don't ask why.
At least a story for a lifetime.

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