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2021-10-19 18:21

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand another team did fall.
This time the Iowa Hawkeyes did for whatever reason lose against the Purdue Boilermakers.
Purdue was an 11.0-point underdog and had a record of 3-2 while Iowa was 6-0.
Still, the Hawkeyes did only score 7 points, way too less to stop the upset.

As a result, is now Cincinnati, as so called Group of 5 team, at #2.
That's not a guarantee they would gain a playoff spot, if the spots would be granted this week, but at least the chances would be very good, better than being ranked at #5 or worse.

Why Cincinnati his higher ranked as also unbeaten Oklahoma is likely based on the Bearcats win against the then at #9 ranked Notre Dame, while Oklahoma did only beat the at that time at #21 Texas.
Notre Dame is still in the polls, now at #13, while Texas left the TOP25.
The logic behind that is simple, but not really consequent, since for a fair ranking all teams would need a ranking and then some sort of least error rankings is needed.
Not happening. My guess is that the committee for the playoffs does basically do that and then Cincinnati and Oklahoma would get different places, not necessarily switched.

The weekend also had a quite strange development.
LSU did win against Florida, which should have saved coach Orgeron job for at least a week.
Sure there are talks, since a few weeks, but usually only a loss does bring you to the chop block.
Ok, to be fair, there was no chop block, only an announcement, that the HC will leave LSU after the season.
So, he is out and will only coach the remaining games.

That opening will make the coaching carousel spin, since LSU is a top spot, based on responsibility and not to forget money.
Orgeron is the highest paid HC behind Nick Saban.
So any HC asked in the country, except Saban, would gain, in general a huge, raise in prestige and wage.

LSU can for sure not pick ANY coach they would like to have, but the pool is quite big and the athletic director is THAT guy, who did get Jimbo Fisher to leave Florida State for Texas A&M.
Fischer is on the list, for sure, but also many other high-profile program and not so high profile program coaches.

And those will need a new HC then also and those will pick also a coach and so on.

Right now there are already 2 high profile jobs available, LSU and USC. More will come, for sure.

In addition the Washington State Cougars did let their HC Nick Rolovich go, since he did refuse to get himself vaccinated against COVID-19.
Since Wazzu is a State-College, the HC is an employee of the state (actually the football HC is the highest paid state employee, which sounds ridiculous, but is the truth) and all state employees have to be vaccinated.
WHY the HC did refuse is not clear, he stated once religion belief, at one points hinted that he might get vaccinated and had overall several month to rethink his decision.
On Monday the time was up and he (and some assistants in addition) was fired.
Big issue now in the town and the state of Washington.

Honestly, I can't believe he decided that way.
I'm still waiting for some serious explanation to refuse the vaccination.
It can't be a medical issue, that would have been cleared month ago.
So just stubbornness?


Sat. Oct 16
#12 Oklahoma State @ #25 Texas
Damn here, the Cowboys did turn the game in the last quarter and scored in the 4th 16 points, while Texas scored ... zip.
How can that be?
As said last week, I think Texas WILL become dangerous again, but obviously they lack something this season.
As it seems, at least the talent to secure a win is missing.
Oklahoma State made a huge step towards a strange situation.
Assuming they and the Sooners would win all remaining games until their rivalry game on the last gameday, they would clash then and a week later in the BIG 12 Championship game for the rematch.
I think that happened at some point before, still a quite funny situation.
But until then there are still some games to play for all teams and with this season so far, it's likely someone will fall before that rivalry game.
For Texas is the main focus for sure, to win as many games as possible and get at least a good bowl spot.
#12 Oklahoma State 32 @ #25 Texas 24 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Scores: 12-9

#11 Kentucky @ #1 Georgia
At the end did Georgia win by just 17 points, not the 23.5 points betting line.
So that way Kentucky did beat the odds, still they lost and Georgia is almost for sure through to get a SEC Championship ticket.
Kentucky on the other hand has still hope to gain a big bowl and with some help they could still get something going.
But to be fair, Georgia is thinking bigger this season, and as far as I did see it, they are better, much better.
#11 Kentucky 13 @ #1 Georgia 30 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Scores: 13-9

Auburn @ #17 Arkansas
I did pick the Tigers and they did win this, sending the Razorbacks backing from their trip to the TOP25 hills.
Auburn is back in the TOP25 and can dream of eventually winning the SEC West, while Arkansas left the building, thanks to this clear defeat.
I hope they can still upset some teams and next season is all promising. They did lose now 3 in a row.
I love the direction Auburn is taking, still I think next season is more likely to see major improvements than this season, but you never know.
Auburn 38 @ #17 Arkansas 23 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Scores: 14-9

Other interesting games:
#18 Arizona State @ Utah
And another DAMN.
Arizona State did lead at the half, but Utah kept the Sun Devils scoreless in the 2nd half and won the game 35-21. Utah now the favorite to win the PAC 12 South, which did not look that way early in the season.
Jacks interesting games Score: 12-10

Pittsburgh @ Virginia Tech
Only 7 points did the home team score. Too less to win against Pitt. The Panthers won 28-7 and did create two things. A) they did make Pitt favorite right now to win the division. B) they did make the Virginia Tech HCs chair much warmer.
Jacks interesting games Score: 12-11

UCF @ #3 Cincinnati
As mentioned above is Cincinnati now #2, which of cause means they did win this game here, 56-21.
That's a quite big win, no wonder it was not discounted.
Still, I will believe a Group of 5 playoff team only when it happens.
Jacks interesting games Score: 13-11

Other funny scores:
As mentioned did Purdue win at Iowa 24-7. Big win for Purdue, giant booboo for the Hawkeyes.
Baylor did beat ranked BYU 38-24. Baylor now high flying and they might get the ticket for the championship game, while BYU did crash after a promising season start, losing 2 in a row now.
LSU did win against ranked Florida 49-42. A wild game, with a wild finish. A very disappointing Florida defense at the end.
Minnesota did win against Nebraska 30-23. I hope the Huskers fans do appreciate the Huskers progress, even if they are still losing.
UConn won their 1st game of the season against FCS team Yale 21-15. Hurray!
North Carolina won against Miami 45-42. The Miami HC is still active, but rumors are, he might see the chop block soon.
Fresno State did beat Wyoming 17-0. The Cowboys clearly having a down season this year.
Louisiana Monroe won against Liberty 31-28. Compared to last season are the Warhawks much better this year.
To make live in the PAC 12 North a bit more interesting did Washington State win against Stanford 34-31.
And UCLA did beat Washington, 24-17. The Huskies are also rumored to get a new HC.
Air Force did best Boise State on the road 24-17. Boise is not doing well under the new HC.

The upcoming week is not that interesting.
Several games of cause, but no ranked vs ranked games.


Sat. Oct 23
Wisconsin @ #25 Purdue
Here again this the full silliness of the TOP25 rankings.
We have TOP25-beat-Iowa-last-week-Purdue, at home, facing Wisconsin, not ranked.
Purdue is 4-2 and inside the conference 2-1, Wisconsin is 3-3 and 1-2 inside the conference.
Betting line?
Wisconsin -3.0.
I'm OK with that, but why is then Purdue ranked and Wisconsin not?
The Badgers did not even get any points, means, no one from the press did rank them.
Still the expectations of the game results over all betters is, that Wisconsin will beat Purdue.
Sure betters and journalists are different, still I would expect a bit more consistency that THAT.
For both teams it's a MUST-WIN.
Purdue wants to stay on track of cause, not losing a game, making them a second-tier team inside the division.
And Wisconsin is already a second-tier team with 1 loss more than Purdue and cannot afford to get another one.
Remember they were in preseason talks contenders.
A loss would make them for sure to 'pretenders'.
I like Purdue to have some more teeth than they had, when I did watch Notre Dame games in the 90, but I also believe that Wisconsin can beat them.
Or better, Wisconsin can win, if they do not beat themselves.
Badgers win.

#8 Oklahoma State @ Iowa State
And what's silly in the 1st game is even more silly in this one.
Oklahoma State did stay unbeaten so far, is ranked at #8, that's likely worth a BIG BOWL, right now.
Iowa State did lose twice so far, won 4, not ranked now (but got some points for #31, if that would exist).
Still, Iowa State as home team has a betting line of -7.0!
That's the same line Notre Dame gets as ranked team against interims coaches not ranked USC, at home.
If Iowa State is so good, why rank Oklahoma so high or Iowa State so low?
Ok, for the game, OSU does still look for me like a team which was lucky so far.
It seems their defense is better than in recent years, but will that be enough?
Iowa State is good, I just miss some consistence. They seem to lose games, because of stupid meltdowns or errors.
Will this happen here? Nobody knows.
I believe in the Cyclones, so ...
Cyclones win.

#10 Oregon @ UCLA
And another strange betting line here.
UCLA is -2.0, as unranked team (would be #36 with 4 points) and at home against the Ducks who did lose only against Ohio State (higher ranked than Oregon right now).
This bowl, you could call it the KELLY-BOWL with the current UCLA HC Chip Kelly being a former Oregon Ducks HC, before he went to the NFL to ...well ... crash there.
UCLA lost twice this season but is just 1 loss behind leading team Utah in the South, while Oregon lost once and is leading the North (together with the Oregon State Beavers).
Both teams can win here, I'm sure.
I believe Oregon has a bit more on both sides of the ball than the Bruins, who have a good offense, but do lack some defense.
I expect a high scoring game, with Oregon producing more chances for their team.
Ducks win.

Other interesting games:
Sat. Oct 23
#16 Wake Forest @ Army
Wake Forest is right now the only team of the ACC bowl eligible and unbeaten. And they are leading the Atlantic division.
This game here is not relevant for the ACC, but important for both teams.
Wake Forest needs some quality wins, while Army needs wins in general to get into a bowl.
But Wake Forest is only a 3.0-point favorite.
I'm just not sure whether some just don't trust Wake Forest, which was long time a losing team, or they do see Army stronger than right now the results do make them look like.
I believe Wake Forest is in good shape, while Army does not look as strong as in the past years.
Demon Deacons win.

Clemson @ #23 Pittsburgh
And now some strange situation just from the 'feeling' point of view.
Clemson was for many seasons the undisputed favorite to win the ACC and a contender for the national championship.
Now they lost 2 games (against good or very good teams) and Pitt is in this game here now 3.0-point favorite.
The problem is, Clemsons offense is not in synch, for whatever reason.
And Pitt is playing a very good season so far.
Panthers win.

Northern Illinois @ Central Michigan
Northern Illinois has some rough seasons in the past few seasons, including a winless season last year.
But this season the teams seems to click and is leading the division.
On the other hand, is CMU not making much progress under former Gators coach McElwain.
But they are in the mix and a win here would help to get back into major contention for the division title.
CMU is favored by 5.0 points.
As home team I also see them ahead, but this could end any way.
Chippewas win.

'Til next time

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2021-10-12 19:00

This seems to become a quite unique season.

Last week I did write Alabama and Georgia are elite and then maybe Iowa, Penn State, Cincinnati and Ohio State.
And right after that did Alabama lose against an unranked Texas A&M Aggies team.
A team which did lose against Mississippi State and the then-ranked-at-#16 Arkansas.
They did end a 100-game-winning-streak of Alabama vs unranked teams.

Well it must have happened at some point, still, but when it happens, I'm most of the time astonished, and this time, very astonished, since Alabama did look very good so far.
Not unbeatable, but very capable of winning and much better than Arkansas and Mississippi State.
Still, Texas A&M did beat them with the same Backup-QB, who struggled against Arkansas and MSU.

So, we do have a new #1 ranked team, since Georgia did win their game (@Auburn).
If you are interested in such stuff, the AP poll does feature Georgia now as #1 with 100% 1st place votes.
That means, of all sheets send in (62) all did feature Georgia at #1.
In the coaches’ poll, we have 1 sheet (out of 65) featuring Iowa. Whether that is of Iowa itself, I don't know. ;-)

What does that mean? Iowa, even with a great win against highly ranked Penn State did so far not convince a single press person of being national title worthy.
Astonishing, since both teams did so far have not a single compare team in their schedule.
But the season is long and both teams will have their share of competition coming and as we learned, the worst hit might come as blind side hit, unexpected. Ask Alabama.

And it's clear being ranked this season does not mean automatically that the opponents will give up. In fact, since the start of the poll time (1936) this season features the most losses of ranked teams so far in the season ever.
I give two circumstance the credit. One is that the covid season last year did shuffle up the processes and basically everything the teams took for granted was suddenly harder and unsure.
The second thing I think makes a difference is that the polls itself are after the covid season no longer reliable.
Many teams were ranked wrongly and to correct this takes time, so instead of accepting THIS TEAM to drop out, you might just rank it lower the next week and when they lose again, you rank them lower again, until they drop out.
I think in the past the starting lineup was more stable and then the adjustments become smaller, this season the error margin was much higher and that way the adjustments took time and also hard was to pick the team to REPLACE the dropping or leaving team of the TOP 25.


Sat. Oct 9
#6 Oklahoma vs #21 Texas
THAT was a record rivalry game!
This game has never featured more points and a bigger comeback.
I was lucky to see it in German TV 'till the end and it was great, as long as you were not a Longhorns fan.
But let's start at the beginning.
The 1st half was almost all TEXAS.
Oklahoma 3 and out.
Then Oklahoma started to get things going, scored an answer, held Texas for a punt, but made then an INT in the next drive.
Texas did say 'Thanx' and scored again in 3 plays.
Then again after an Oklahoma 3-and-out.
28-7 after the 1st quarter for Texas.
Man, I thought Oklahoma will get decked heavily.
The 2nd quarter was almost even but gave Texas more chances by leaving points on the field and having another turnover.
It was 38-20 at the half.
Then in the 3rd quarter the Sooners got some control but did only shrink the lead to 41-30.
Oklahoma got the ball back and had a long drive for 3 more points. 41-33.
And then came the complete Texas meltdown.
Longhorns 3-and-out. Oklahoma scored with wild play a TD and tied the game. 41-41.
The Texas Kickoff-Return was nixed by a scooped ball during the return. Oklahoma got the ball back and scored AGAIN! 48-41 now for the Sooners.
Texas went all in, did play even 4th down (which was not needed from my point of view) on the Sooners 24-yard line and turned the ball over, but stopped the Sooners anyhow the next drive.
Some wild plays later came the tying score for Texas. 48-48.
Roughly 1:20 left to play the Sooners started to move the ball.
With 10 ticks left to play the Sooners tried another run to move from the Texas 33 into better kicking position and the runner TOOK OFF for a TD!
Oklahoma got the 4th consecutive win in the rivalry and Texas can only play for the rematch in the BIG 12 Championship game.
#6 Oklahoma 55 vs #21 Texas 48 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Scores: 11-7

#2 Georgia @ #18 Auburn
This was not half exciting as the red river showdown.
Georgia did build up a lead early and did then control that one until the end.
Auburn was not able to get a comeback really going.
This puts them not out of competition inside the SEC West, thanks to the Tides loss, but a win would have helped more. Haha.
Georgia on the other side has right now a surprising opponent next to them for the SEC East, Kentucky.
Kentucky has won now against Florida and LSU and will face Georgia next week.
#2 Georgia 34 @ #18 Auburn 10 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Scores: 12-7

#4 Penn State @ #3 Iowa
Iowa won the game with turnovers by 4-1.
THAT way you can't win a championship, I'm sure Franklin, the Lions HC, did tell his players already that lesson, before the game and now of cause again after the game.
Surprisingly did Penn State STILL lead at the half and did only lose, because in the 2nd half did Penn State commit 1 of those 4 turnovers, but more important, the Hawkeyes defense did really play good, very good.
I still think Penn State has all the tools to win their division and go for more, but only if they can win such a game.
Iowa is now at #2 and they have played the toughest games already. Still they can lose of cause, but if they prevail, the conference championship will determine, whether they have championship potential or not.
Right now, they do look sharp and as one of the best Hawkeyes teams I've ever seen.
#4 Penn State 20 @ #3 Iowa 23 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Scores: 12-8

Other interesting games:
Fri. Oct 8
Stanford @ #22 Arizona State
Arizona State did win this 28-10 with a good defense and a good enough offense.
ASU and Utah are the main contenders in the PAC 12 South, while the North seems to be wide open.
Jacks interesting games Score: 10-9

Sat. Oct 9
#13 Arkansas @ #17 Ole Miss
Another wild game, with Arkansas scoring a TD with time expiring in the 4th trailing then 51-52. INSTANTLY did the Arkansas HC call for a 2-point-conversion and that one did FAIL.
Old Miss win in that wild game 52-51.
Jacks interesting games Score: 11-9

#9 Michigan @ Nebraska
And this game ... crazy.
1st quarter NOTHING, 2nd quarter a good lead by Michigan 13-0, 3rd quarter a wild scoring affair by Nebraska leading then 22-19.
Michigan answered, Huskers took the lead back, Wolverines tied, and Nebraska did fumble and Michigan took the lead and never gave it back, winning 29-26.
I really think the Huskers are making progress, but man ... I would be mad.
Jacks interesting games Score: 12-9

And some other astonishing scores:
As said did Texas A&M beat #1 Alabama 41-38. A big win for the Aggies.
Boise State did win on the road against ranked BYU 26-17. That did hurt for the Cougars, who did aim for something big this season.
Kentucky did beat LSU 42-21. Already everyone is thinking 'New HC at LSU'?
NIU won against Toledo 22-20. NIU is climbing in the win stats and is now leading the MAC West.
Akron won against Bowling Green 35-20. First FBS win for them in the season.
Florida State did beat North Carolina 35-25, which is likely a good sign of improvement.
UMass got their 1st win, here against UConn, 27-13. UConn is still winless in this season.
Ball State did beat Western Michigan, 45-20, making the MAC West wide open, led by NIU.
Colorado State won against San Jose State 32-14. A bit disappointing for me, but ... what can you do?
Washington State did best Oregon State 31-24. PAC 12 North is also wide open.
Utah won against USC, 42-26, and is together with ASU in the mix for the PAC 12 South.

There are still several unbeaten teams left, which would be naturally the best bet to rank them high (until they lose), but several ones are again left out of the TOP 25, since the conference are (as always) rated differently.
Still, here a small overview of the so far perfect teams.

The American Athletic Conference has 2 teams left, unbeaten.
Cincinnati is ranked now at #3, which is a BIG thing. With playoffs today they would be the 1st team to likely getting a spot (remember the spots are independent from the polls as filled by a committee, still they are usually close to the polls). Beside the game against the 2nd team from the AAC unbeaten, the Bearcats will have now a quite easy schedule. That will likely let them drop in the rankings, slowly, even if they stay perfect. It might still be enough for the playoff, but my gut feeling is, still then they will not make it. A loss will let them drop by at least 5 to 15 spots and they will likely never recover.
The 2nd team unbeaten are the Southern Methodist (#23), SMU in short. They have a slightly tough remaining schedule and might drop a game before the Bearcats clash. If they win everything, I think they will still never make the playoffs.

The Atlantic Coast Conference does only have 1 unbeaten team left.
Surprisingly that team is not Clemson or North Carolina, it's Wake Forest, ranked at #16! They will play some tougher conference games in the next few weeks, and I expect them to lose at some point, still a great accomplishment so far. IF they win all games, they might still get burned and miss the playoffs. A single loss will end the campaign for the playoffs anyway.

The BIG 12 has 2 teams still without a loss.
It's Oklahoma, now ranked at #4, securing they top spot by last week’s incredible comeback-win. The really tough games will come in November against Iowa State and Oklahoma State. If they win out they will get a playoff spot, a loss at some point will likely end the playoff bid.
And surprisingly (at least for me) Oklahoma State (#12) is also unbeaten. But my pick is they will lose before at the end of the season the showdown against the Sooners comes up. If the Cowboys would win all games, they do have a chance to get a playoff spot. A loss will hurt them badly and will end the playoff hopes, even they win the BIG 12.

The BIG 10 is loaded with ranked teams, but only 3 are unbeaten and do have the best chance to get into the playoffs.
Highest ranked so far is Iowa at #2, which is the highest rank I can remember they have had the past 36 years! It's clear, if they win, they are in, but what will happen with a loss. They won some crucial big games, so it will depend on the opponent they lose to. But likely ONE loss will not hurt too much, as long as they win the conference. The remaining games are easier than the past few, so it will be big loss, if they lose.
The next in line of the unbeaten teams is Michigan, at #8. I think for the Wolverines a loss will break their campaign, very likely, but also here the opponent is important. Their schedule is tough, so wins will give them some speed to rise, a loss might drop them too far. Still, a loss will likely also elevate some other team into the conference championship game, so better not lose.
And as 3rd team the Michigan State Spartans are here (#10) and right now they do even look more solid as the Wolverines. The rivalry game against the Wolverines will let the winner rise and the lose fall. If the Spartans win ALL, they will play in the playoffs, the perfect Cinderella, a loss will likely leave them out of the championship game, also.

The Conference USA does only feature a single unbeaten team.
UTSA, Texas-San-Antonio, is not ranked, they did not receive enough points (got points to be #29 if that would exist). Their schedule will likely prevent a much higher ranking, still a few tougher inner-conference games are coming. No chance for the playoffs.

The Independents don't have a single team still perfect.

Also, the Mid-American-Conference doesn't have a single team with zero losses.

The Mountain West has 1 team left unbeaten.
The San Diego State Aztecs are ranked at #24 and will likely never have a chance to play in the playoffs. In fact, I think they will lose on their way to the championship game, if they reach it. But even as unbeaten MWC Champ they will likely not make TOP4.

Surprisingly the PAC 12 has zero teams unbeaten.

And the SEC does feature only 2 teams left unbeaten.
Georgia is right now at #1 and everyone’s favorite to win it ALL. A loss will not hurt them much, as long as it does not keep them out of the championship game. But that could happen.
Because the 2nd team unbeaten is Cinderella Kentucky (#11), playing Georgia soon. A win there would give them a huge advantage. I doubt they will win all games, the division or the conference, but if they win the SEC, they are of cause in the playoffs.

At last the Sun Belt Conference has also only 1 team with only wins.
Coastal Carolina is all the talk since almost 2 seasons and right now ranked at #15. They will suffer the same fate as Cincinnati, only to play in a much weaker conference, therefore they never had a chance to get into the playoffs.

That's it.
I think most of those unbeaten teams will vanish and my pick is, at least 2, if not 3, 1-loss-teams will get into the playoffs and only 2-3 other unbeaten teams will remain, with none of them getting a playoff spot.


Sat. Oct 16
#12 Oklahoma State @ #25 Texas
The second week in the row does come an Oklahoma team to Texas and want to get some fight.
Last week the Longhorns did collapse.
This week, I see potential for the Longhorns.
The Cowboys are not the big defense team and the explosive offense of Texas might never get stopped as the Sooners were able to do it.
And the Cowboys offense has to play catchup, which I doubt will have success every time.
Vegas has Texas favored by 5.5 points, which I think they will beat.
Longhorns win.

#11 Kentucky @ #1 Georgia
This we can keep very short.
Georgia -> Juggernaut, almost perfect so far, huge running game.
Kentucky -> very blessed with a good passing game this season, but not as good as the Bulldogs.
-> Big dang on the Wildcats fangs -> BANG (Georgias line is -23.5)
Bulldogs win. ;-)

Auburn @ #17 Arkansas
An SEC West duel, with the winner having still some chance to get to the SEC Championship game, the loser ... let's say, needs some help AND SOME.
Auburn has the best chances to win this, but Arkansas did show some guts last week and almost won against Ole Miss. The Razorbacks are favored by 3.5 points.
I give Auburn some credit and think they CAN win, even on the road, against this popular pick.
I like it how the team is transformed, and the talent level is deeper.
Still a close one.
Tigers win.

Other interesting games:
#18 Arizona State @ Utah
The winner will have the upper hand inside the PAC 12 South, which is from my point of view ASUs part to lose in this game.
Surprisingly they are only favored by 1.0 point.
Why I don't know, since ASU did play great the past few games.
Sun Devils win.

Pittsburgh @ Virginia Tech
This game does feature the right now highest listed teams inside the Coastal Division of the ACC. The winner will have a small boost, the loser needs help to regain the upper hand inside the division.
Pittsburgh is favored by 5-0 points, but I like the game to be played at the Hokies.
They did lose at home only to Notre Dame so far. Pittsburgh did play a bit inconsistent from my point of view, so what to do out of this?
I give the Hokies home crowd credit ad pick VT.
Hokies win.

UCF @ #3 Cincinnati
Let's face it, the Bearcats need to win here, better big. But UCF has some quality and they do also need to win, to stay in the competition inside the conference (where they already need help).
UCF lost last week in a bad way in an inter-conference game, which should hopefully motivate them.
Not long ago the school did declare themselves (and some meaningless polls) to National Champ, which seems like ages ago.
Cincinnati is 20.5 points favorite, a win here by UCF would be huge.
I can see the potential but stay with the favorite.
Bearcats win.

'Til next time

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