2013-08-11 11:50

Hello all,

we added a basic Special Team Gameplay for Kickoffs. There are now STBL (Special Team Blockers) and STT (Special Team Tackles). You can set them in your Depth Chart. The settings are active in Friendlies and Scrimmages only!

The G (Gunners) and the K (Kicker) are supported by 8 STT from now. The engine picks them from right to left. The KRs (Kickreturners) are supported by 9 STBL, where the engine is picking from left to right. Gunners will act as before, there is no change yet. But the STBL try to take off the STT from the play. The left STT might get a chance to tackle the KR, if the G is missung the tackle.

The Special Team plays for STT and STBL are tactical and physical most, while theoretical aspects like Tackling are "less important" but "useful". The guys benefit from ST Assistant Coaches, and there is no Out o Poition penalty.

The engine version for friendly games is now 3.31.

Please report odds in the Bug forum!

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