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As expected the games did not went for all teams the way they wanted them to be. Sometimes the cupcakes did bite back ...
Let's have a look at the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 1 of the new Season

Thursday, August 29
North Carolina @ #6 South Carolina
What a nice start. Big game, huge crowd and at the end not many questions were answered. All eyes were on that outstanding defensive end Jadeveon Clowney.
Will he dominate the game, will he let UNC even play or just crash into the backfield and tackle any attempt to get yardage?
To be fair, it was the first game and a very quick offense run by the Tar Heels, but still ... Clowney did not only take some time off the field during the game, he did also not play 100%, did quit on plays and was not a big factor.
North Carolina did not play much on his side, so he had some kind of factor, making the field smaller, but except some flashes of shown effort and talent, Clowney did not deliver the hype. He was supposed to be in the best shape of his live, that's what the coaches say. Well, he has to get much better, if he wants to become a factor in the NFL.
South Carolina looked like they have to get a bit better to win the next crucial games, and North Carolina has to get things together to win in the ACC.
For sure are the Tar Heels not in national contention mode.
North Carolina 10 - South Carolina 27 -> Jacks Score: 1-0

Saturday, August 31
Mississippi State vs. #13 Oklahoma State @ Reliant Stadium, Houston, Texas
First lesson from this game is, that Oklahoma States offense did not score that much. Further games will show, if Mississippi State defense was THAT good, or the Cowboys offense is not in synch. Second lesson of the game is that the Bulldogs will probably have a long season in front of them.
The Cowboys defense can't be THAT good and the Bulldogs were not able to score more than a field goal.
Mississippi State 3 - Oklahoma State 21 -> Jacks Score: 2-0

Saturday, August 31
#1 Alabama vs. Virginia Tech @ Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia
As expected did the red elephant just stampede over the Hokies. The game was over at half time.
28-10 was the score at that time.
For Alabama a nice season opener, for Virginia Tech maybe the needed motivation for upcoming conference games.
Frank Beamer will for sure get his boys ready for the next opponent.
Alabama 35 - Virginia Tech 10 -> Jacks Score: 3-0

Saturday, August 31
#5 Georgia @ #8 Clemson
It was the expected close game.
Until the last seconds remaining, everything was possible.
Beginning of the 4th quarter did Georgia score to close the gap to 28-31.
Then did Clemson did had a nice drive for 28-38. Still almost 8 min. on the clock.
Bulldogs and Tigers had to punt and then did Georgia got over the field and scored a TD to 35-38, a bit more than 1 min. remaining.
Onside kick was not successful and Clemson did kneel down for the win.
What we have learned? Both teams are strong. Clemson is based on QB Tajh Boyd. Let's hope he will stay healthy.
UGAs power is spread more though out the team, but at the end it was not enough.
They have to get better, if they want to win the SEC.
Georgia 35 - Clemson 38 -> Jacks Score: 3-1

Saturday, August 31
#12 LSU vs. #20 TCU @ Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, Texas
First surprise for me was the score. 37 points against TCU is huge. Will they do this on regular basis?
Second surprise was that TCU did shorten it to 30-27 in the fourth quarter. At the end did LSU offense just respond at the right time and won the game.
I'm curious to see both teams against their conference opponents.
Looks like the Tigers might challenge some teams in the SEC more than expected.
TCU might be also better than expected.
LSU 37 - TCU 27 -> Jacks Score: 4-1

Saturday, August 31
#19 Boise State @ Washington
Wow. Washington did basically destroy Boise State.
There seems to be so much wrong with that score.
Boise offense none existed.
Washington scores BIG.
Boise loses by more than 30 points.
Washington wins against a ranked opponent outside the conference.
I'm not sure what this games means for both conferences but for sure I will have an eye on both teams.
Boise State 6 - Washington 38 -> Jacks Score: 4-2

Games of Interest

Indiana won against Indiana State with 73 - 35 - Interesting is not the win, but the score. 73 points by Indiana is big. Maybe Indiana is hungry.

Bowling Green did win big against Tulsa - We will have to wait a bit, if this just a bad start for Tulsa, a big season for Bowling Green or maybe a sucky season for Tulsa.

Southern Utah (FCS) did win against Southern Alabama - I expected a win by Southern Alabama here, since every FBS team should win against an FCS team, but an upset happened. Not the only one this gameday.

Townson (FCS) basically did crush UConn in Huskies Stadium - Now here is the next FCS upset. And a big one. It does not happen very often, that a team from a BCS conference loses against such an opponent. Well, this week there were more.

Utah did top Utah State (Battle of the Brothers) - So no back-to-back wins for the Aggies. Utes did win a close match.

Ole Miss survived against Vanderbilt 38-35 - A 75 yard rushing TD right after a Vandy TD did seal the win for the Rebels. Big win for Ole Miss.

Rutgers did lose against Fresno State 51-52 in OT - Fresno State did tie the game 38 seconds left and Rutgers did try a 43 yard field goal for the win with 3 seconds remaining. Missed it.

Bulldogs did score first in the OT and the Scarlet Knights did get the TD after that, but a gutsy call for a two point conversion did fail.

Samford (FCS) won against Georgia State - Another FCS win here, even if Georgia State is almost a FCS team, since they are new on FBS level this season it's always nice to see an underclass team win.

North Dakota State (FCS) upset Kansas State - it's one thing to have a new FBS team or an almost new FBS team lose against an FCS team, it's a whole different story if a Big 12 team and former conference champ loses against an FCS team. Granted, NDSU is the reigning FCS champ, but still ... Upset of the day for me.

William & Mary (FCS) did almost top West Virginia - The Mountaineers have to get better fast, if they want to survive in the Big 12. At least Kansas State seems to be on their level at the moment ... Lol.

North Carolina State got its first win against Louisiana Tech - Big win under new management for the Wolfpack. A bit of a downer for LT (also under new management), but for me expected.

BYU did stumble over Virginia and lost - It will be interesting to see of the Cavaliers are better than expected, or BYU is just worse.

Northern Illinois won against Iowa - That Iowa HC is under fire, for sure. Coaching change for the Huskies was OK, as far as we know now.

Eastern Washington (FCS) won against Oregon State - Oregon State was ranked #25, so on paper the biggest upset this week. I wouldn't have ranked them, so for me just another BIG upset. PAC 12 teams should win against FCS teams, period. Even against former FCS champs. Was last season a one hit wonder for the Beavers?

Auburn tops Washington State - Not a big issue, but Auburn was so bad last season that this is interesting. Looks like Malzahn gets his Tigers back on track.

Mc Neese State (FCS) upsets South Florida - Not a nice game for a new coach at the Bulls helm. 53-21? Wow. That must hurt.

Texas State beat Southern Miss - Texas State is in his second FBS season. They will rise to power very fast. Southern Miss has issues ...

Western Kentucky beats Kentucky - There is the next SBC upset of an SEC team. Last season did ULM beat Arkansas, now it's WKU beating the Wildcats. Bobby Petrino will probably only stay for a year at SBC level.

San Diego State did lose against Eastern Illinois (FCS) - Also a tough upset. SDSU was supposed to be a bit better this season. Losing 40-19 is not a good message.

Northern Iowa (FCS) did put too much points on the board against Iowa State - And the next Upset, this time again against a Big 12 team. OK, Iowa State has issues, but 28-20 against a FCS-Opponent?

UTSA does win its season opener against New Mexico - Wow, that's a stunner. UTSA is only in its second FBS year and the Lobos are not a powerhouse but still not the worst team in football.

Northwestern wins against Cal - Cal did basically throw that game away, since 2 crucial interceptions did cost them the win. I'm curious to see Cals' further progress.

Colorado did win against Colorado State - The Rocky Mountain Showdown is a nice win for the Buffalos under new management. Now we have to wait for the next steps.

‘Til next time

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