2013-09-29 14:29

In the change-log you will find:

Engine V3.40 for all games
-enable STBL and STT for gameplay on Kickoffs
-enable returns on both Kickoffs and Punts, including OOB/downed Punts and Touchbacks for Punts and Kickoffs
-set the Kockoff to the own 35 yard line, according to the NFLs rulechange
-enable first-string players in the Depth chart
-adjust success-rate for Fieldgoals

Yes, we enabled the last engine-version for all games now. Based on your last friendlies you might notice some slight changes of the return-success on kicking and punting, and on the Fieldgoal-Success-rate overall.

You should add player for Special-Team-Tacklers (STT) and Special-Team-Blockers (STBL) in your Depth Charts, since the Kickoff-play benefits from these positions now. As well you can use the "First-Stringer" check-box for all games from now, so First-Stringers are preferred over other players when the benching-decisions are made during the game.

We adjusted the kickoff-point to the teams 35-Yard-line, so it adapts the rulechange made by the NFL earlier.

More to come, just follow the news...

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