2013-12-16 11:11

Hey folks, how are you doing? XMas-Gifts purchased already?

We thought the time is right for part 1 of our X-Mas-Gift to you...No worries, we did not hire Toni "Wanna be a QB" Romo to tell us how the Passing part shouldn't work...

From now on, engine V 3.50 is active, for Friendlies and Scrimmages only.

This new version adds some more action on the Punting gameplay. There are now 2 11-men squads on the field.

The Punting unit consists of a Punter, a Fullback to protect the Punter, 2 Gunners (left/right), 2 TE (left/right) and a complete O-Line.

The Punt Returning unit is kind of an 4-3-3-1 formation. It consists of 4 Linemen (DT and DE, left/right each), 1 MLB, 2 OLB (left/right), 2 CB (left/right), 1 Strong Safety and 1 Punt-Returner (KR).

The players are chosen via the Depth Chart.

Now much more players have a chance to be really involved into the gameplay. At the same time the Yardage of Returns was adjusted slightly.

Some may ask why we are utilizing standard personal for these things...and there are 3 reasons for it.

1.) This way the gameplay stays easy

2.) The added code to the engine is transparent

3.) In real life, the Returning team members have to deal with the risk of being tricked by the Punting team, and therefore the guys need standard skills like on every standard play. Yes, NFL teams carry special players for such action, and maybe we will add dedicated Depth Chart positions later to meet this - but for the moment it works as described.

On a sidenote we would like to remember you of our small "Help Needed"-Post a few weeks ago. Our Social Network Campaign is still running, which means you could push the count of your X-Mas-Credits through the sky, if you like...

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