2014-01-12 16:55


while "discussing" about beer and mit sauce" in the forum, there was some progress on the engine.

We added 2 things, but active for the Friendly games and Scrimmages only.

1.) The FB is a bit more useful now, since he is not only there on some playtypes when not rushing the ball himself...No, now he will help much more with the blocking, and most important: his role is mentioned in the play by play and the stats.

2.) The HB/RB can now catch passes from time to time...This will only work on outer passes, and if the right side is filled with the HB. There is no reverse fake play at the moment. However, there is no control for the Coach/Manager, the QB deciders on the field if he should pass to the HB. Let's see how this develops, and let's think about how to control that. There is a downside on this...usually the HB has less catching skills, this means he will drop more passes compared to the Receiver squad.

Have fun, online within minutes, and called engine V3.52...

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