2014-06-08 12:12

Hi all,

yes, Season 13 is going to be played soon. As on every Season rollover, we would like to drop some lines on the changes that were implemented, the changes that will happen soon as well.

1.) The enhanced Blitzing, you know that from your Friendly games, is now active for all games. You can raise the level of Blitzing up to 75% chance.

2.) We added some tweaks on deeper and medium passing. It is more cosmetic than brutal, but over the long time you might notice the changes.

3.) Blitzing success faced a change as well, the timings between Attackers and Defenders have seen some slight changes, mostly because a rewritten Speed/Agility calculation. You have seen this in your friendlies as well during the past few weeks - but now it is active for all games.

4.) We will implement the Super Duper Top League at the end of Season 13. So be prepared. The 4 ChampionShip-Game participants out of D1 leagues will join this league on Season rollover to Season 14. There is no option planned to refuse this promotion. From Season 15 on, the two Superbowl participants will join the League of the Best, exchanging places with the two worst teams of each Top League division. We will maintain your region affinity at that time, so a team promoting out of Galaxy, will join Galaxy 1.1 in case of relegation. There are no relegation/promotion games for this one, the league switch is automatic. Kickoff time and Name of the league will be subject of Polls, being online during the next days.

Happy Playing, and a lot of Success for each of you!

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