2015-08-02 13:30

Hi all,

the season rollover ran smooth, and different from the past times...

We ignored your bot flush settings, the setting will be removed in the next few hours so not to confuse you anymore. This was mandatory for another change: we shrinked the universe back to 2 league levels beside RZA Elite league. This means more competition, more exciting gameplay. And this is true for both league games and supercup. Season 18 will be a bit special on this, since the region called Dragons was too crowded, and there we had to keep league level 3 for another season.

New teams will join league level 2 from now, league level 3 was closed completely for finding a spot for new teams.

The suckers at Facebook-administration don't allow us to stick with our "post PR to Facebook" and "post game results to Facebook" options. You received credits in the past if you made that type of advertisement for our game, and we are really really sorry not to provide this feature anymore. We will remove this feature compeletely during the next few hours.

Now we are looking forward to this new season, with facing much more competition, much more pressure on the manager. *Excited*

Cheers, buddies!

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