2015-09-02 13:15

It was the evening of the 2nd of September, 2011. 4 years ago!

After writing 2 years (every single spare minute I could afford) on a Football simulation, I felt the game was ready to go online. Major things like the sim engine worked as expected. Many users joined this period, to be testers, to tell me "it sucks what you have changed", or they said "Whooohoo, awesome". And they asked "When will you go online, Pete"?

So I rent a server, installed the operating system, established an initial and clean database, and registered my new server in the DNS to serve the public when typing in their browser address bar:

And of course I told my testers about it. Those who joined the game at that point are the so called Knights of RZA.

If you are interested in the way we took from that point, just read the news of that time. Or the changelog. There are some possible surpises in there. To learn why the game is existing at all, read this.

However, 4 years later we are still up and running, have a loyal group of players from all over the world - no matter of race, religion, political opinion, origin - and supporters of course. And all I can say right now: I love you, guys! Thanks for your input, for your help, for your support. Cheers!

Each of you will receive a supporter account for one week completely for free, and 25 Credits on top. Enjoy!


PS: I owe you a beer, mate. Or 2. You know who I am talking about (MW)! Thank you, many many times!

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