2015-12-05 15:43

One of the wishes of our managers was to allow players to stay one more year with the team, once they announced to retire.

We added such a feature today. At season rollover the players announce their wish to retire. Up to 2 out of these retiring players per team offer the manager to stay for one more year. The manager receives a message telling about the players will to rethink retirement. The manager can then pay the amount asked by the player. The function is available on the players detail page, next to the options for firing players.

The player will ask for at least $2,000,000, but no more than $10,000,000 - depending on his wage bill.

To give you an idea how it works we asked the retiring players to think about such an offer, and a few of them might have agreed to offer the manager staying one more year. Check your teams inbox...

Another feature is a more detailed play-by-play for scrimmage games, where the action at the line of scrimmage is described. Missed blocks or going for pancakes? Play scrimmages to know more about your players blocking abilities...

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