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Inszenierung (means staging)

Was it just my personal feeling, or was the Army-Navy-game this season staged as one of a kind?
So much buzz around that game, the winning streak of Navy, ESPNs Corso’s past coaching history with them in the 60s (which was a nice clip, Corso was at tears seeing this the 1st time), Keenan Reynolds last game, his absence at the Heisman ceremony, the coaches and so on.

At the end, it was an interesting football game, but not more, as the last game of the regular season.

Shortly before the game came the news that Navy Coach Ken Niumatalolo will talk with BYU on their coaching opening.
It would be a big loss for Navy, if he would take the job in Utah after so many successful years at Navy.

Another coaching search did end, when Dukes OC Scottie Montgomery was hired to become East Carolinas new HC.

Next weekend will start the Bowl-Season, but before that let’s have the last review.


Sat. Dec. 12 – 3:00 pm ET
Army vs. Navy
It was more interesting than expected.
Army did play good and did stop Navy quite often to keep the game close, until the final whistle.
Navy was stopped on their 1st drive, Army were able to score a field goal and THEN did Reynolds have 1 of his signature runs to score a TD.
My thought on that was, that’ how it will be. Army will score, a bit, Navy will answer fast and with a TD. No chance.
But Army did not fall that way.
They did score on their own the next drive, now leading 10-7.
They were then both able to stop the opponent for 1 drive and when Navy had the Ball again, they marched over the field (50 yards) to cap the drive with TD, Reynolds 85th career rushing TD (as QB!), which is the most ever number accumulated over a career for Division I.
Now over?
Not so fast, after another punt-punt-drive exchange did Army suddenly pass a deep bomb and did score a TD for the 17-14 lead. BOOM.
The stadium went wild and Navy tried to get 1 final score before the half, but failed to do so and Army went into the halftime as leading team.
Then came a loooooong period of short drives until Navy got the ball back after a punt and found their own deep bomb for a 1-play-drive-capped-with-a-TD-play.
Navy on top 21-17.
Army than had a nice drive around the quarter end and start but missed a field goal try from 29 yards.
After that, Navy was more or less unable to move the ball, but Army had 3 turnovers on 3 consecutive drives, 1 fumble and 2 interceptions. I think they got frustrated then.
Even trick plays did not help.
At the end, Navy did survive the Army storm and won their 14th game in a row.
But changes are coming.
The coach might be gone, the star QB is gone and Army is getting better, even their record does not show it. Next season can become interesting for this rivalry.
Army 17 - Navy 21 -> Jacks Score: 46-22

'Til next time

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