2016-01-17 16:20

Hi all,

The season rollover to season 20 was done. The new season is different from the past ones.

1.) Sim-Engine: The possibility of a PAT to fail was raised slightly

2.) Supercup division round: There is a virtual cap in place. This means, no matter how many points each team scores, for the "points difference" tie breaker the calculation is always: if the winning team has more than 60 points difference, the winning teams score will be limited to "losing score + 60". Please notice the added columns in the division tables. You will find PFR, PAR and PDR, which translates to Points forced real, Points allowed real, Points difference real. In these columns you will find the summaries based on the real score, while PF, PA and PD show the capped scores - and are used for the sort order / tiebreakers.

3.) League regular season: Is exactly the same as mentioned under point "2.) Super cup division round".

4.) The columns of Friendly Cup tables show these new columns as well, but right now there is no cap in place

5.) ELO ranking in place: We added a new ranking mechanism based on ELO ranking, well known from Chess and many other games. The ELO is replacing the older ranking system, and co-exists with the external Beckos-Rating, done by our fellow user Ausonny. Our ELO makes predictions as well, you can see in the gamecenter right before the games kickoff, and in the general gamestats, once the game finished. On the Clubs page you can see the rank based on ELO in the league of the user, and global. Some charts add to this for graphical presentation.

For now, don't forget to set your Draft order, the draft will happen within the next few days. And have a check, some of your veterans might be willing to play another year, if their pocket gets filled with some money...don't be shy with your offers!

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