2016-05-15 12:40

Right now we started the very last round of our very unique competition, so called Intercontinental Elite Challenge Cup 2.


64 managers were fighting 8 qualification rounds, and the winner of each round is eligible to join those "last eight". These 8 teams will start fighting for the crown of this cup on June 15th, 2016. Each team belongs to one out of two divisions, and will play the 3 other teams in its division. The winner and the runner-up of this group stage will advance to the KO games, and on the 13th of July, the Grand Final will happen. The two best teams will fight for determining the winner of this big competition, and the team winning this fiight will receive real hardware to brag with.

Don't miss this game!

We added "events" to our social network accounts, and would love if you could join them, even this is a virtual event only.



See you there :)

PS: Did you know, our partner OnlineSportManagers fixed a terrible bug in the voting function. This means, now every manager should be able to vote at least once a month, and you will get Credits in return. Thanks for driving our reputation through the roof overthere. And remember: more managers joining means more fun for all of us! So go to this page, click the "VOTE NOW" button, click "BEST" on that other page, and jump back to by using the PLAY NOW button, again.

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