2016-06-24 12:40

The first round was exciting, so was was week 2 of this tournament!

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michigan state spartans @ San Diego Blitzkrieg 45:28

We do not know what was going on in San Diego during the last week, but something strange it was. Steve lost quite surprisingly with a margin of 3 scores, at home. This causes the division being open until the next gameday is over. Congrats to spartans, good game!

Inbhir Narann @ Panthers 26:3

Despite all the political fuss at home, the Scottish sportsman was able to pull another win - maybe because he was playing abroad again. The Panthers had no chance in this game. Congrats, Bovakian.

The Notorious Pub Gang 30:13 @ NOtown ~MYST1CS~ 24:27

Close game, tough loss for the "Gang". Now Toni needs kind of a mircacle next week. Congrats, Johnny, good fight.

Utrecht Guerillas @ Cool-Runnings 26:28

Another close game, won by Cool-Runnings. Congrats for this one. Bad luck, Guerillas!

Coming week we will see who will survive the division round, and advances to the half finals of this cup. One of these 4 teams will win at the end, and receive a nice trophy to brag with in real life.

We wish all participating teams good luck.

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