2016-10-06 13:16

The engine for simulating the games received a few updates. Version 4.13 is active for friendlies only, and probably will be activated for all games on next season rollover.

1.) The detection of lopsided tactics is now considering a few more paramaters of the gameplay. Therefore the thresholds were changed to match the new analyses.

At the same time the "Coaches karma thumbs" received new code structures as well, just to match the "lopsided tactics detector" a bit more. To get a feeling for it you should analyse your friendly games only for the moment, since the thumbs in official games don't match anything. Remember, the new engine is for Friendlies only at the moment. Once again, the thumbs are a display only, they do not influence anything at the moment!. The thumbs are a little bit "unsharp", so there is no hard threshold when they change...

What is "lopsided"? We consider tactics lopsided if they are made to exploit the weaknesses of the engine, as example. So if a manager is abusing imbalances between formations and/or play-types and/or play-directions, the detector will alarm the opposing Defensive Coordinator, and the offense called these lopsided tactics will have a tougher job on the field. The thresholds are meant to be secret, therefore any further questions don't make any sense.

We are still working on some influence on the gameplay and/or finances out of the results of karma and the lopsided tactics detector, so maybe it is an good idea to improve your playbooks, gentlemen. This future is nearer...

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