2017-02-14 22:16

From time to time we are traveling through the servers logfile. Usually we simply check the errors the server is sending to clients, just to improve the game. However, the most funny section of our server stats is about the keywords people use when hitting by using a search engine. We want to share some of them with you.

am i a good size for nfl

Yes, for sure...wait, how can Google know your size when you don't provide any information?

i am 14 6ft and 230pounds

Stop with the candy...

can i be a linebacker at 6 ft 225

Yes, go for Madden...

what position does 5 9 and 200 pounds fit in football


i have 5 9 i can play in defensive end

Uh, pictures in the head...We cannot recommend playing IN the defensive end...


Wow, WE ARE THE WORLD WIDE WEB! Forget about search engine optimization...

average 11 year old boy football cornerback

Nobody signs average boys...nobody!

can 5 ft 9 inch play american football

No, dimensions don't play any games...

where is the red zone in football

Easy, here!

what position does a 5 10 240 lb football play

Stonehenge corner...

im 6 4 and i weigh 214 lbs

I'm sorry for you, pro!

If you take all the hurdle to type this into the search engines formular, why not just putting it directly into your browsers address bar?

so high i need money

Puh, me as well, mate!



can you make it to the nfl at 5 11 160 lbs

Not by asking google, stupid!

can you be a linebacker at 5 10

No, can you?

probability of roma gladiators making the playoffs

They will make it, for sure...

Oh, we could go on with questions like "I am XY, can I play Z", for years...Somehow we feel honoured to give the American Football Almanac to the world.



What the F...

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