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USA, we have a situation.

With Alabama and Miami losing this weekend, the playoff picture did get more complicated.
There are only 2 undefeated teams left in the county.
There is Wisconsin having a quite weak schedule and facing Ohio State in the BIG10 Championship game next week, right now ranked at #3.
And there is Central Florida, ranked at #12 and going into the American Championship game next week.
The rest has at least 1 loss, including #1 ranked Clemson and even 2-losses might be enough to get into the playoff, like Auburn ranked at #4 right now and facing Georgia in the SEC Championship game.

The next week will lead to better clarity or total chaos.

Worst case scenario will be, when all lower ranked power 5 championship participants would win.
Then there would be big discussions.

Remember that the playoff committee brings in the 4 strongest teams, not the best champions.
We will see.

The fallout of this weekend is massive, since this was for most teams the final regular season game.
The not so successful teams did hit the 'fire'-button and several coaches were let go.

In total will 6 SEC teams have a new HC next season, out of 14 teams.
Florida had fired their HC some weeks ago and did now find their new guy, Mississippi States Dan Mullen.
Therefore MSU needs a new guy now.
Arkansas did fire Bret Bielema.
Ole Miss is since start of the season on interims basis, but Matt Luke did get his interims name tag dropped a few days ago after a 6-6 season.
Tennessee had fired Butch Jones already and was THAT close hiring Greg Schiano (DC of Ohio State) but with his past involvement at Penn States child abuse scandal (he was never charged, but public opinion is he did cover things up), the Tennessee public did cry out in disgust and now he is a no-go got the Vols.
Texas A&M fired not surprisingly Kevin Sumlin, so they will look for a new guy also.

Also did Arizona State fire Todd Graham, and rumor is they will try to get Sumlin.
And Nebraska did get rid of Mike Riley, likely eyeing Scott Frost of UCF.

Rice did also fire their HC, David Bailiff

But we also have another hiring, the 1st of the season, since Mullans hiring came a day later, UCLA made a big splash and hired Chip Kelly, former Oregon Ducks HC and later Philadelphia Eagles HC.

Here are the selected games for BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP 3 GAMES FOR WEEK 13

Fri, Nov. 24
South Florida @ #15 Central Florida
A wild and great game.
Tied at 42 with less then 2 minutes to play did the same CB, who did let a 80+ yard bomb USF TD happen which tied up the game, return the kickoff for a UCF TD and win the game.
THAT was a mood swing you don't see that often in a game.
UCF was stunned after that bomb and then came that fantastic return.
UCF does now face Memphis for the American Championship game.
It is very likely UCF will lose their coach after that, if not a special agreement is met to let him coach the Bowl in which the American Champion would play in.
If Memphis wins, he is gone for sure after the game, likely destination Nebraska.
South Florida 42 - Central Florida 49 -> Jacks TOP 3 GAMES Score: 26-14

Sat, Nov. 25
#9 Ohio State @ Michigan
Not as exciting as it should have been, but open until the 4th quarter.
The Buckeyes did score 10 points there, while they held Michigan at zero.
Ohio State has now the chance to get into the playoffs by winning against Wisconsin in the BIG10 Championship game, but both, the win and the playoff spot are not a sure thing.
Michigan does end a quite disappointing season and will play in a upper level bowl.
Ohio State 31 - Michigan 20 -> Jacks TOP 3 GAMES Score: 27-14

Sat, Nov. 18
#1 Alabama @ #6 Auburn
A good game, not a great one.
Of cause Tigers fans will see that different.
Both teams were in the game and did play tough, but it was quite clear that Auburn had a bit more juice than the Tide.
Still in the 4th quarter this could have been turned, Alabama was less than a score away.
But Auburn did score and held Alabama at zero, which ended the Alabama dominance after several seasons and Auburn is back in the SEC Championship game.
Alabama has still some hope for a playoff spot, if all pieces do fall into the right place.
But honestly it is quite unlikely with the matchups at the boost the winners will get.
Alabama 14 - Auburn 26 -> Jacks TOP 3 GAMES Score: 28-14

Other interesting games:

Fri, Nov. 24
#25 Virginia Tech @ Virginia
Defense driven game did VT finish it 10-0.
Not my kind of game.
Jacks interesting games Score: 27-15

Sat, Nov. 25
#7 Georgia @ Georgia Tech
Georgia did everything possible to boost their brand.
GT was overmatched and did fall 38-7.
Because of their canceled UCF game has GT now a 5-6 record.
Jacks interesting games Score: 28-15

Sat, Nov. 25
#3 Clemson @ #24 South Carolina
South Carolina was not able to do anything and lost 34-10.
Clemson did boost their brand to become thanks to Alabama’s and Miami’s loss the new #1.
Jacks interesting games Score: 29-15

More astonishing results from the weekend:
Ole Miss won against Mississippi State 31-28.
Pitt did upset #2 Miami 24-14.
Texas Tech won against Texas 27-23 and get that way a bowl ticket.
Fresno State won against Boise State 28-17. They will rematch next weekend for the MWC Championship.
Duke won against Wake Forest 31-23 to get a bowl spot.
Arizona State won against Arizona 42-30.
San Jose State won against Wyoming 20-17.
Stanford won against Notre Dame 38-20.
Washington did beat Washington State 41-14.

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