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When managers in play the game, they do it in a very special way. Some call them addicts, others say these kind of posts are creating addicts! Tonight there is the Bowl game in the so called "UK Challenge Cup" Friendly cup. A whole lot of superb teams are part of this competition, and the writer of this post here is jaleous not to be part of it. However, at 9 pm this evening the Bowl game is kicking off, between the Erdington Dooleys hosting the Leeds Celtics. The game can be visited here:

But now read the latest report from the stadium called "Jobcentre" :)

Less than three hours until the big kick-off and this reporter is unable to gain access to the Celtics and Doleys Dressing rooms.

Following reports of attempted cyber-hacking of Team computers believed to contain the playbooks of both sides, the aim was to try and get to the bottom of the finger pointing. Some say that the Doleys continued giant killings can only be maintained by foreknowledge of their opponents gameplan. Others are saying that there is a strange symmetry to the stuttering Celtic victories and their opponents failures to execute their own gameplans.

On arrival today at the Stadium, both Dressing Rooms were in lockdown mode and manned not by the usual collection of rather beefy security guards, but rather by somewhat nerdy looking technicians wielding contraptions that frankly wouldn’t look out of place on the shopping channel.

This intrepid and resourceful reporter first of all tried to talk his way through ‘the entourage’ to no avail, then tried to approach the Assistant Coaches for some information in return for a 1lb bag of pork scratchings and a couple of pies (really thought that would be a winner) but no luck there either.

So finally an attempt was made to find out information via the Cheerleading squad - whom as we know, are the masters (or rather mistresses) of access all areas. A solid five mins in the Press Box conveniences to make sure of personal presentation and off to charm some information. Sadly getting lost in the bowels of the spaghetti junction stadium (named after the midlands most infamous motorway interchange), the only cheering that took place was when stumbling out into the stands a good half hour later (hence this late report) with the most attractive thing seen in the meantime was a 5 foot Rat retching into a gutter after eating what looked like leftover Groaty Dick (a local stew - honest).

By now it was too late, the Cheerleaders were out warming up, the crowds are starting to assemble and the lure of a stiff single malt and smoked salmon blinis in the Press Box is much more alluring than a pint of mild with a side order of chitlins (trust me, they look and smell much worse than they sound).

So sadly we may never know if there has been any tampering, temping or tantrums behind Office or Pub doors - but from up here in the centrally heated and well stocked Press Box, we are looking forward to a great game ….. let the excitement begin.

I want to thank manager athos for this one! Guys like you make RedZoneAction a very special experience for me!

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