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What happens if my team exceeds the allowed 550 Coaching points?

At each financial updat.e there is check for this. If your team exceeds the limit of 550 CP for your Assistance coaches, a warning will be sent to you. Here are the warnlevels and the financial penalties:

Level 1: 0 $
Level 2: 100.000 $
Level 3: 1.000.000 $
Level 4: 5.000.000 $

Once a team hits level 4, it stays there until it fixes the issue. This means, the penalty applies at each financial updat.e at that point. As soon as a team is fixing the situation, the warnlevel drops to "nothing".

On a personal note: if you find a way to exploit or break given limits, I would expect you to file a bug report, and not abusing it. If anyone has an idea how a team can have more than 550 CP, please come back to me via PM. Possible reward of a few Credits may happen...Thanks!

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