2019-12-16 07:04

And here comes the end of the regular season.

Not much happened during the week.

The open spots at Boston College, Florida Atlantic, Memphis, Appalachian State, New Mexico, UNLV, Colorado State and Fresno State were not all filled up, but some teams got their new man.

Most surprising move for me was that Florida Atlantic did hire Willie Taggart as new HC.
Taggert was fired during the season at Florida State and is now hired from the Owls, a CUSA team.
That's a downfall I guess.
Not sure this is a god hire, since either Taggart gets his coaching-mojo back and we will see him gone in the next 1 to 3 years, or he will not become successful and FAU will become mid-level or worse again.
He inherits a Conference championship team, so he should have some success next season, right?

Next hire is Boston College, who did convince Ohio State DC Jeff Hafley to become their next HC.
Hafley did so far not coach as HC and as at Ohio State only for 1 season, before that he did coach secondaries at San Francisco, Cleveland and Tampa Bay (all NFL). We will see, whether he is fit to be a HC.

Memphis did drop the interims coach tag from Ryan Silverfield, he is now the new HC of the Memphis Tigers. He was the offense line coach of the team so far.

Appalachian State did promote Shawn Clark to HC. He was already the interims HC last year for the Bowl and was an assistant on the team since 2016.

UNLV did hire Oregons OC Marcus Arroyo as new HC. It's also his 1st gig as HC and he was with Oregon for 3 seasons, 2 as OC.

Colorado State did hire former Boston College and Temple HC Steve Addazio. Whether this is a good hire or not is up to see.
His record is not good, overall it's negative, and Colorado State had some good and bad seasons lately.
But I guess the expectations are high to have winning seasons regularly.

New Mexico is still searching for the next HC, as is Fresno State.

Let's have a look at the last BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAME FOR WEEK 16

Sat. Dec. 14
Army vs #23 Navy
Just a single word here: LEATHERHEADS! Hahahahahaha.
Army passing stats: 3 of 6 tries for 25 yards and an INT.
Navy passing stats: 1 of 1 tries for 1 yard.
Army rushing stats: 47 carries for 123 yards and a TD.
Navy rushing stats: 55 carries for 395 yards and 3 TDs.
And the main effort was done by the Navy QB with 304 yards! and 2 scores.
Malcolm Perry did look like he played Madden with some hits, jukes and other extra moves and did have a record night against that rival.
So Navy won this and the Commander-In-Chief-Trophy easily.
Army 7 vs #23 Navy 31 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Score: 31-19

So that's it for the regular season. Bowls will start on Friday and I will post a new preview there then.

'Til next time

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