2020-07-13 09:28

A few weeks ago I was contacting the shop provider hosting the merch shop of RZA. I was made aware those guys were selling stuff containing hate messages, racism, homophob stuff and other things like that.

I contacted their support and asked if this is their policy or an accident, and received this message:

"We are an open platform. We empower our community of customers, designers and shop owners to express themselves in creating, discovering and selling clothing and accessories with messages they want the world to hear. This also means that you might find certain messages controversial, while others do not.

Of course, there are also standards that we set for our community, and we remove designs and/or shops that come to our attention when we find them to be:

- Illegal
- Hate speech
- Inciting violence
- Graphic sexual content"

Since that point I followed their action very closely, and found that almost none of the merch in question was removed from their shops. I am basically fine with their decision, but have to make my own one.

Therefore, the RZA merch shop does not contain any RZA merch anymore.

And yes, from a financial point of view they won't care much about me closing my shop. However, I cannot stand such action.

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