2021-09-02 12:26

...we put online for the public audience.

After 2 years of intense development and testing with a group of loyal, international testers, the 2nd of Sep, 2011 was the day. was officially born.

10 years later, the stuff is still online. This fact in itself is quite amazing.

We have seen lots of different things. But one thing was really outstanding.

End of January 2012, one of the managers contacted me, a German fellow. He was asking if he could help with development. We wrote some mails forth and back, and 2 weeks later the guy came up with the design that is still in use today. He created the Draftboard, he overhauled the Playbook, he came up with those configurable team logos, and many more things. And I was able to meet him twice in real life to consume some pints together. In 2015 he faced some changes in real life, which made it impossible for him to continue with the hobby RZA.

One thing is for sure: without PREACHIE the game would not exist in the way it does, today. Thank you very, very much. I owe you so much more than a few beers ...

The rough idea for this 10 years RZA celebration was to create a video, reporting the history of RZA and its development. Sadly, real life was striking again, and I was not able to finish the video in time. I am sorry.

However, let's celebrate those 10 years. I love you all.


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