2022-02-21 22:43

When I was creating this stuff almost 13 ys ago, I had a peaceful environment in mind, where people just relax after a hard day. Where people can find kind of shelter in crazy times and meet other football addicts.

It happens more often in the past months that single users use a rough tone, challenge others for entering fights. So what, you might say. And you are right! However, some users enter such infights, by accident, or at their will. And then it becomes ugly in the forums, quite fast.

So I added a feature to hide ugly posts. This was a step I was refusing to do for several years. But finally, I was forced into spending my time on such bullshit. I thought this would solve things ... but it did not, as foreseen.

Sorry to those 99% of the users who always support me, post useful stuff, and keep the good mood ... but I need a timeout!

The forum will stay closed until Wednesday, 23rd of February, 2022 23:59 servertime. Since some users cannot behave as it is expected in such a forum, and I have no time for being the police during those 2 days, I need to close it for now. You can still read, but not post new stuff.


PS: to those few freaks: STOP IT! Next time, the timeout might be a permanent one - either on the forum again, or on your user account ... and thanks for killing my mood!

Update: After some thinking I changed my mind, and opened the forum again. It cannot be that a majority of peaceful users can be held to be hostage by a few.

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