2022-02-26 10:07

The semi finals of the [url=]RZA Teams World Cup II[/url] are done. Unfortunatley the suspense was not invited to the party.

AUT-Green Mark Packers 10:38 GER-Salt City Pirates

In this remake of the last edition final, the first half was prettu balanced with a 10-10 score at the end of Q2. Unfortunately for the Austrians, the Pirates did not give up any point in the second half while scoring 4 touchdowns.

CAN-TigerCats 20:37 USA-San Diego Blitz

In this game, the Canadians Tigercats played only the second half. But despite winning it 20-3, the game was already won by USA after they were leading 0-34 at half time.

At the end, two of the greatest teams in RZA history will represent their country in the final tomorrow. It should be a great game and a beautiful World Champion!

For only 3 points, Austria and the Green Mark Packers get the bronze medal after the title 4 seasons ago.

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