2022-03-06 15:03

The RZA Teams World Cup II ended last week with probably the perfect final we could dream of. On one side, the highest ever rated team: the Germans Salt City Pirates. On the other side, the leader of the ELO ranking and one of the greatest team that ever played the game: The Americains San Diego Blitz.

All the ingredients were there for a great game! Unfortunately, we did not get the game could expect. The USA scored first in the middle of Q1 and then piled up points until Q4 without letting Germany score even a single field goal. With only 11 minutes to play, the Pirates scored their first TD, but it was too late, the score being already 7-27. Anyway, SDB was not ready to let them coming back ans even scored 17 more points to conclude the game 7 to 44.

At the end, this one way game was not even a big surprise. The USA dominated the competition and averaged over 28 points difference per game. Incredible!

Germany and the Pirates had a great run too, but like during the last RZATWC finished with the silver medal.

Final score: GER - Salt City Pirates 7:44 USA - San Diego Blitz

See you in season 50 for the RZA Teams World Cup III!!!


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