2023-08-04 08:12

Coaches Karma was around for several seasons. We used this in the background to generate some stats out of it, and to make those stats influencing the outcome of plays. The idea was, if a manager collects thumbs down all the time, he/she is running kind of a less sophisticated tactics in his/her games. So another manager would send his scouts, watch videos, and learn very fast how to break those other tactics. So in short: bad tactical skills equal to less success in playing Football.

On every human driven teams homepage you will find display of the tactical stats, represented in smiley. Details can be read in the manual (

Right now, this feature is active in Friendly games, only. And of course you can run Scrimmages and use the "Friendly Engine". However, right now there is no display of Friendly Games Tactical skills, or for Scrimmages. This might make you furious, but I have no intention to add those stats to the display.

But how are you supposed to evaluate the feature then, you might ask? Just check the Coaches Karma Display of the last few Friendly games by yourself. Thumbs shows down? Act ...

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