2012-01-11 22:26


we will add the following to the Coaches manual right now.

Coaches and Experience

1.) Coaches earn Experience when they are involved in games. The coaches earn the same amount of Experience, regardless of the type of game. Exceptions: Games without ticket income don't raise Experience (Friendly Cup, Friendlies on Mo/We/Th/Su).

2.) There is no difference between HC and ACs, and positions don't matter in this case

3.) The formula:

New Exp = ((50 - Old Exp) / 100 * 0.5) + Old Exp

This means a Coach earns half a percent of the difference from 50 to his current experience value. Keep in mind, the experience is represented in stars, where each half star represents 5.0 Experience in the database. The maximum amount of experience in the database can be 50, based on this information.

It becomes active right now, so tomorrows Supercup games are the first chance to raise your Coaches experience!

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