2012-02-19 15:07

Hi all

right now we finished the Season rollover to Season 3. There are some nice divisions put together, this should be fun. At the moment, each Top Division is full of human controlled teams, and each single Supercup division has a good share of human controlled teams too. The Champ of Champs Cup has now an additional round due the number of managers making it into that competition.

Can there be other winners beside notsch, this season? We will see it. Congrats to notsch for this achievement, once more.

But today there was not only the rollover, at the same time we activated all updates related to the simulation engine.

Out of position penalties are now active for each single game, as the changed MOTY conditions are. Assistance Coaches fulfill now there duties at gametime too, by influencing the gameplay.

We wish you all a lot of fun for Season 3, beginning coming Saturday.

Next remarkable day: Thursday this week, the draft will add some nice talent to each team.

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