2012-02-23 15:30

The manager rank gives you an idea what your progress is about. Please notice: The mentioned limits are not hard coded, much more a Rookie Manager may hire as many Coaches as he/she likes, as example. This is much more an advice, you might follow or not.

Bloody Noob: Bloody Noobs shouldn't hire Coaches and Staff. It is not wise to fire or hire players at this stage. Facilities shouldn't get constructed, as the Fan Shop should be out of focus. The Youth Academy should stay at the basic level. It makes no sense to activate the HR Department now.

Rookie Manager: Rookie Managers could fire players if needed, and place bids for new players for up to 100,000. Up to 2 facilities can be build and the Fan Shop could be opened. This rank can be achieved by finishing the Manager license.

Junior Manager: Junior Managers could place bids on players for up to 500,000. They are allowed to hire 1 Head coach, and up to 2 Assistance Coaches. Building up to 4 facilities is within their permissions. Hiring additional staff like Doctors is possible. Opening the HR Department could become an important task. The Youth academy could be enhanced. This rank can be achieved by Rookie Managers if they build at least 15,000 seats in their stadium.

General Manager: General Managers could place bids on players for up to 2,5 million. Up to 5 Assistance Coaches could be hired. General Managers are allowed to build as many facilities as they need. Junior Managers have to build at least 25,000 seats in their stadium to become a General Manager.

Senior Manager: Senior Managers have no restrictions on bidding for new players, and up to 8 Assistance Coaches could be hired. General Managers could achieve this rank by building at least 50,000 seats in their stadium.

Top Manager: Top Managers face no restrictions from the Board. They are trustworthy and can act as needed, without any restrictions. This is the highest possible ranking a manager could achieve.

We hope this feature will lead to less economical problems, and nobody should complain about "I lost tons of money" when he ignored the warnings and hints given.

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