2012-05-04 14:10

We added the Trophy museum.

The Museum keeps all trophies not won by the current owner of a team - you may find it on the teams homepage.

There is one problem: for trophies won before 2012-05-03 we cannot tell for sure if the trophy was won by a certain owner, since we did not store any timestamps with trophies in the past, only the number of season. This might result in a wrong sorted museum. If you see such a mistake, just contact us via the Bugs forum. We will fix it then.

And last but not least: This "keep the trophy" thing was subject of a community voting we ran some days ago. While the majority of the community voted for erasing all old trophies from the trophy room, we think it makes absolutely sense to keep them. We are sorry for that "abuse" of our admin power, and we still hope you like this solution as it is now!

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