2012-07-18 17:50

Some of you might have noticed some changes already, we would like to introduce these changes to you by this post in an official way.

Video lessons

If you check the Help menu you will see a new chapter, so called Video lessons. The Video lessons will describe by screencasts how to do this and that, how the options are working, and what's important to know. Especially Rookie Managers will get a better introduction of important parts of the gameplay.

We are starting with two videos. Both are the result of a certain users effort, his name is Canonico. We thank you so much for your brilliant work - and hope you will do more of that stuff.

Training Optimizer

We added another function to the Training page, the Optimizer. This feature makes a suggestion what to train next. It is working on primary skills and physicals only - so don't expect too much out of it. The top priority is put to the Physical Condition - because Physical Condition is the top factor for your players performance on the field. The Optimizer takes care if a player is capped or not on Speed, Strength or Agility. Once PC, Speed and Strength are maxed out, the Optimizer tries to have a balanced training on the primary skills. If a player can use Carrying and Positioning as example, the Optimizer will balance the training between these two skills to avoid the creating of One-Skill-Wonders - to keep the salary as low as possible. You might activate the Optimizer as often as you like. Don't forget to store your settings. The Optimizer doesn't work in the background, it just acts once - at the moment you make the click. Smart managers don't just accept the suggestion made by the Optimizer, much more they use it as basic set, and enhance it to have optimal training conditions for their players...

PS: Pete is offline from this Saturday for two full weeks. Preachie will take care of all the stuff, and he will do well :) Don't mess with him, he has a Ban button too ;)

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