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Wow, what a start!

And I mean the blog and the College Football Season.

First of all, thanks for the response, the voting and the feedbacks.

That's very nice and gives me the motivation to write the next entry.

The Season started with some really great games and of course, some where in my list of the week one preview.

#2 Alabama vs #8 Michigan
They played in Cowboys-Stadium and boy did this Michigan Offense got stuck in that Juggernaut of Alabama Defense.
Denard Robinson was basically taken out of the game. He ran only for 27 Yards on 11 carries and did throw for 200 with one TD and 2 Picks.
No Robinson, no Offense and so did the Wolverine fell to the Crimson Tide 41-14!
T.J. Yeldon of Alabama did rush for 111 Yards and an average of 10.1 per carry. 10.1!!!!
Well, if something did get clearer in this game, it's that the Big Ten will not compete with the TOP Programs of the SEC.
41-14 -> Jacks Score: 1-0

#24 Boise State @ #13 Michigan State
That game did almost end like most of the Boise State games against BCS opponents went in the last few years.
Beginning of the forth quarter, the Broncos did lead 13-10 with a scoreless third quarter behind them.
But the Spartans did have something left in the tank and made a trip to the endzone about 8 minutes to go.
17-13 and plenty of time left, the Broncos did march over half of the field, when their 4th and 2 try was held and Michigan State did ran out the clock.
Coach Peterson will have a good team together to challenge the Mountain West for the last time, but don't count the Broncos in for a BCS-Bowl as a given Rule.
The season is long and depended on the Spartans season, the loss here by 4 points will be valued high or low and so will this game maybe decide the Broncos Bowl fate.
Regarding the Spartans, I think they have some areas where they have to get better, if they want to challenge Nebraska and Wisconsin.
13-17 -> Jacks Score: 2-0

#14 Clemson @ Auburn
What a game! This is how you like it.
Start for fourth quarter 16-16 tied and Clemson punts.
Auburn made a Field Goal and Clemson answered with a Touchdown!
Auburn was not able to respond, but held Clemson for a Field Goal with 1:24 left in the game and still only trailing by 7.
The Clemson Defense was then able to seal the match with some tough defensive plays.
I don't think the Auburn Tigers will compete for the SEC final, but you never know, sometimes they just get better and better.
For Clemson, I can't wait to see them playing against the TOP teams in the ACC.
26-19 -> Jacks Score: 2-1

Kentucky @ #25 Louisville
Well, I would have expected more rage and blood on this matchup. The games was basically over when the second half started.
Trailing 22-7, Kentucky was not able to score in their first drive (after winning the ONSIDE KICK!) and so did Louisville give them another reminder worth 3 points for who is the home team and who will win this.
Kentucky did respond with a 3 and out drive and the Cardinals did finish this with another Touchdown.
The Kentucky-TD after that drive did only drive up the scoreboard, the game was basically over and the fourth quarter did finish without any scoring at all.
So the Governor's Cup trophy stays in the hand of the Cardinals
14-32 -> Jacks Score: 3-1

Georgia Tech @ #16 Virginia Tech
Wow, another great game here. Tied at start of fourth quarter, GT did score a FG, VT responded with a TD and GT did answer THAT with a TD, taking the lead 17-14 44 second before the end of the game!
VT started from their own 25 yard line and did bring the ball to GTs 24 yard line, 6 seconds left in the game.
The Field Goal try was good and the game went into overtime, where VT did end the first GT drive with an interception.
VT couldn't score a TD, but made the game winning Field Goal!
17-20 -> Jacks Score: 4-1

Some games of interest:
- #9 South Carolina did almost fall over Vanderbilt. 17-13.

- Texas A&M @ Louisiana Tech was postponed because of the hurricane Issac.

- McNeese State (FCS-team) did beat Middle Tennessee 27-21, which can only be described as a bad start for the Blue Raiders.

- Same goes for the Idaho Vandals, which did fall to the Eastern Washington Eagles (FCS-Team) 3-20!

- Minnesota did win against UNLV in 3 OTs 30-27.
For those of you who are not familiar with the OT ruling in college football: The game ended after the fourth quarter tied 13-13.
Then UNLV got the ball on the 25 yard line in front of the Minnesota endzone.
They did score and so did the Gophers get the ball on the 25 yard line in front of the UNLV endzone.
The Gophers did score, too and so the first OT ended. Yes it depends on the drives, not the clock.
The second OT did go the same, only Minnesota did start and the Rebels had to even the score.
In the 3rd OT, an UNLV pass was intercepted and not returnd for TD, so Minnesota did again start at the 25 yard line. Yes, the point of INT or the tackle was not taken.
Minnesota did rush three times and kicked the game winning Field Goal.
This system is often names the Kansas Playoffs or Kansas Plan. Some Teammates of mine in Germany named it "Texas Shootout". This is totally wrong, but it SOUNDS right .... lol

- #21 Stanford did survive against San Jose State 20-17. Not a good start for the Post-Andrew-Luck-Area. On the other hand, a loss would be worse.

- Like it happened at State College in Pennsylvania. First game with the new Headcoach at Penn State; first game after that scandal over child abuse and the Parterno-Family involvement or at least their non-reactors.
And they lost against a (well quite good) MAC-Team from Ohio 14-24. It's along way to be a new Penn State Team.

- Notre Dame did crush Navy in DUBLIN, Ireland. I hope they can bring this kind of energy back into the states, since the have one of the toughest, maybe THE toughest schedule of all Programs this season.

- Maryland wins 7-6 against William & Mary (FCS). I think the Tarpins are in for a loooooooooong season in the ACC.

- Oregon State did not play Nicholls State (FCS), because Nicholls State from Louisiana did not travel to Oregon. The hurricane Issac did this to them, I think.
I don't know, why they did not went a few days before or by train to Texas and from their by plane ....
A hurricane does not happen suddenly, right?

- #12 Wisconsin did beat Northern Iowa only by 5? I'm curious, if this is trend or just a warming up.

- And Iowa did win against Northern Iowa by 1 point 18-17. OK, it was an away game, but where is the Hawkeyes pride? Getting almost beaten by a MAC team?
EDIT: I mistaken this in the first edition and saw NIU up front. Don't know why ...

- Colorado State is better than Colorado and did win the Rocky Mountain Showdown honored by the Centennial Cup 22-17.

- Wake Forest did win against Liberty (FCS) 20-17, which is not much. They have to get better to stay competitive in the ACC.

- Pittsburgh did loose against Youngstown State (FCS) 17-31! What did the coaches do there? Playing rubiks cube instead of teaching their players football? OMG! HOT SEAT for the coach from day one on!

- Duke wn against Florida International 46-26. Which leads automatically to the question, if Duke has an UP year or the so strong FIU Panthers are maybe not THAT strong? I mean Duke! Come on!

- On the other hand did Memphis loose against Tennessee-Martin (FCS) 17-20, which lead automatically to the question if Memphis will be really a Big East Team next year? Really?

- FBS-Newcommer Texas State did beat Houston 30-13! Holy shit! Is Houston that bad, or Texas State that strong? We will see. Houstons OC Mike Nesbitt did quit after the loss! I don't know what's going on there, but quitting after one game is stupid, sorry.

- #4 Oklahoma had his problems with UTEP and did only win 24-7. The Sooners have to play better to get into the Big 12 Championship picture.

So, bottom line for me is, that it will be an exciting season again.
Love it, love it, love it!

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