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Is anyone as excited as me on that college football season?

Well, I tell you why I am: I love upsets!
And we got lots of them in the first two weeks.

This week looked like a pushover week and off course, some teams did their thing and did their regular rout on the weaker teams.
But some teams stood up against their destined winning opponent and shoved them their big school attitude ride back into their throat.


Utah @ Utah State
Haha! First upset already!
That "Battle of the Brothers" was great!
Utah State did lead early in the first quarter. 0-13.
The Utes needed 2 Quarters to get the equalizer, only to see the Aggies score again 9 minutes left in the fourth quarter.
Utah did answer with a Touchdown to get the game even again at 20-20.
They had the game winning field goal on the feet and kicked in the last second from 52 yards away.
Seriously ... If you are the kicker of a football team and take away a roster spot, you should be good, right?
Well ... that Utes Kicker did of course miss and the game went into OT.
Aggies did win the coin toss and went first. They did good and scored a TD.
The Utes responded and made it to the six yard line only to get a pass interference call and 15 yards penalty.
That was basically the death penalty in this game. They were not able to tie the game and lost it.
20-27 -> Jacks Score: 4-2

Miami @ #21 Kansas State
Well, there is not much to tell. The Hurricanes came into town and got their butts handed to them ....
They lost every quarter and of course they lost the game.
Small error of mine: Kansas State was ranked #21 before the game.
I will love to see the Wildcats in the Big 12.
13-52 -> Jacks Score: 5-2

#24 Florida @ Texas A&M
That went closer than I expected.
The Gators did lead in the first quarter but a good second quarter did give the Aggies the lead at half 10-17.
I think both teams did play well and did not have big opportunities to score against those defenses.
Florida did kick a Field Goal in the 3rd and also did score a Touchdown early in the 4th quarter to lead 20-17.
Well ... from this point on, the defenses did outshine everything and did basically shut down every progress on both sides.
Unfortunately, Texas A&M was behind and stayed behind to loose the game (as expected).
But ... that WAS a close game and it was the Aggies first game!
I think they will do well in the SEC even this year.
They are not in shape to take over Georgia or LSU and Alabama, but they don't have to hide for the next opponents.
20-17 -> Jacks Score: 6-2

Iowa State @ Iowa
I wouldn't like to sit on Kirk Ferentz chair at the moment.
The Hawkeyes did not only win a very close game against a supposed weaker opponent last week, no ... they did LOOSE against the Cyclones, AT HOME!
So the Cy-Hawk Trophy stays with Iowa State for another year. And the Hawkeyes can think about themselves a while.
I hope the real, big teams dreams spoiling Hawkeyes do show up soon.
9-7 -> Jacks Score: 6-3

#16 Nebraska @ #22 UCLA
THAT was a great game, as long you are a Bruins game.
I think the Huskers fans were quite OK for half time, having the game tied 24-24.
I think some of them got worried starting of the forth quarter when the game was still tied, 27-27.
Then both teams did miss Field Goal tries and the Bruins did score a safety. I think some fans got worried a little more.
Close game, away game? Not good ... right?
Right! UCLA did intercept Taylor Martinez of Nebraska three and a half minutes to go in the game.
The Bruins did score right after that interception and didn't let the Huskers take over the game from that point on.
If Nebraska is really a contender in the Big Ten, I'm waiting for the UCLA - USC battle.
30-36 -> Jacks Score: 6-4

#7 Georgia @ Missouri
Well ... One thing is clear ...
Georgia is from my point of view the front runner for the SEC East.
That Florida game will be on a neutral site end of October. THAT will probably determine the SEC East champion.
But I'm getting ahead.
What happened at Mizzou?
The Tigers were reduced to kitty cats and got bitten by the big bulldog UGA, that's what happened.
Mizzou was in the game, until end of the third quarter, when the Bulldogs got ahead 24-20.
Up to this point it was a great even match.
But from this point on, it was like the Georgia defense found the key to shut down the Tigers offense completely.
The Bulldogs offense didn't have to do much to score 17 unanswered points, since they got the ball through that great defense in excellent field positions.
41-20 -> Jacks Score: 7-4

Some games of interest:

- Penn State did loose at Virginia 16-17 on a missed last second field goal (and 3 others during the game). A tough spot to coach at the moment.

- Auburn did loose against Mississippi State and I think they will have a tough time this year in the SEC.

- Illinois State (FCS) did win against Eastern Michigan. I love it when FCS-Teams show up and win!

- Which also did Sacramento State by beating ... Colorado! Oh man, that Buffaloes Fans did have to suffer these days.

- Mike Leach did get his first win as Washington State coach by beating Eastern Washington. Not much to be proud of. 20-24 ...

- Notre Dame almost lost to Purdue 20-17. Everybody was high on the Irish after their win against Navy. What's the Situation now? We will see it next week.
For Purdue, I'm curious to see them against the Big Ten opponents. Is this a Boilermakers year?

- Michigan did win against Air Force 31-25. If this is the Wolverine team to show up against the Spartans, they will get slaughtered.

- UPSET ATTENTION: RICE ... YES .... RICE did win against Kansas 25-24! Is it Charlie Weis choking time already?

- South Florida did barely win against Nevada 32-31.

- And North Carolina did barely loose against Wake Forest 27-28. All bets on the Tar heels to win the ACC as a dark horse are off.
So VT will be in the ACC final again? How boring.

- Next UPSET ATTENTION! Wisconsin, destined to battle it out for the Big Ten crown did loose against Oregon State.
Good news for the Badgers fans ... this loss does not count on the Big Ten standings ... Bad news is, that what ever they do the rest of the season ... forget about national championships.

- Savannah State did loose only 0-55 against Florida State, because the game was suspended over bad weather conditions.
Savannah State had lost against Oklahoma State last week 0-84! And everyone did think they will loose on a higher margin this week.
Petrus seems to be a Tigers fan.

- Florida International did win against Akron 41-38. This still does not convince me to get on the Panthers-for-glory-bandwagon.

- Louisiana Monroe did UPSET ARKANSAS! The biggest win in school history.
They did score the tying Touchdown 47 second before the forth quarter ended, did intercept Arkansas in the drive and forced OT.
And the Warhawks did show balls on OT.
They held the Razorbacks to a Field Goal in the first OT and then had a 4th and 1 on Arkansas 16 yard line.
Filed Goal try, right? Wrong! They lined up to play and rushed for 16 yards and a Touchdown for the win.

- And the next upset by a FCS-team. North Dakota State did win against Colorado State 22-7! Not a good time to live in Colorado. LOL.

- Arkansas State did win against Memphis and still brings up the question, why Memphis will be a Big East team, next season …
They got beaten by a FCS-Team and a SBC-Team. Next up another SBC-team.

- Northwestern did beat Vanderbilt. Good year for Northwestern?

- Louisiana tech did beat Houston 56-49! Defense did not play, or what?

- North Arizona beat UNLV 17-14. Next upset by a FCS-team.

- And the next BIG UPSET: The Oklahoma State Cowboys got a fifty-burger by the Arizona Wildcats! 59-38!
Rich Rod did get his first big win.
I still think he would have been successful at Michigan, but OK, now he can get the Wildcats on track.

You see? Lots of upset!

Funny thing, with those upsets the path to national championships is shaped early and did almost for sure eliminate some very good teams already.
That makes room for some other teams, we will see how this will go ...

‘Til next time

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