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They did fall.

Yes they did!

They, as in Alabama Crimson Tide; more to that in the game review.

But what does that mean, right now?

In the SEC, not much.
Alabama WILL play in the SEC championship game, against Georgia, that's now (almost) fixed.
They just have to win against Auburn at home, a tea, which did not win a single game in the SEC so far.
If they lose (and we are talking about a giant upset here) it might happen that Texas A&M or even LSU might slip in.

In the BIG PICTURE of the FBS, the four unbeaten Teams were reduced by one and Kansas State, Oregon and Notre Dame are the only unbeaten teams left.
In all the FBS. At least the last one counting.
Louisville did lose, so they did fall out too, and Ohio State is unbeaten, but because of NCAA rulings, they are not eligible for the post season.

Alabama did fall to fourth.
Georgia is fifth.

So if TWO of the unbeaten teams stumble ... the winner of the SEC championship game will sneak in.

So far the chances for at least two of the three unbeaten teams to survive is good.

Kansas State has to play Baylor (4-5, 1-5 in the Big 12) on the road and after a bye week Texas (8-2, 5-2 in the Big 12) at home.
Not a walk in the park, but manageable.

Oregon has to play Stanford (8-2, 6-1 in the PAC 12) at home and Oregon State (7-2, 5-2 in the PAC 12) on the road.
That's tougher. If they beat Stanford they have clinched the PAC 12 North for sure and will play also a PAC 12 Championship game against USC or UCLA.
Also tough, but to be fair ... Oregon will be a 10+ point favourite in all games. At least in my books.
So ... manageable.

Notre Dame have to play Wake Forest (5-5) at home and USC (8-2) on the road.
That USC game is a head scratcher, but luckily for the Irish, USC has to play UCLA for the PAC 12 South Crown one week before.
So ... I think this team is the best candidate for a loss, but they might surprise us (or me at least) and win all two games.

THEN we have something which is a big pile of shit.

Three teams unbeaten and only two places.

The Computers love Kansas State and Notre Dame, the human polls do love Oregon.

Since Oregon has the toughest rest of the season, if they win, the humans won’t change their minds and the computers can only get better, I think.

Kansas State has the best mix at the moment, with humans and computers do places them at 2.
If they win, the humans won't change their mind and the computers .. they might drop a bit it Oregon rises, but enough?

Notre Dame does play only two games and they might win both.
But that won't let them jump Oregon or Kansas State, if both keep winning.
They have to keep the edge at the computer rankings and have to get some more human votes.
Probably not enough to jump Kansas State, but enough to get close, close enough to narrow the gap.

Will it be enough?

Will the BCS left Notre Dame, a program with such a national presence, out of the Finals?

We will see.

Here is the review of the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 11

#11 Oregon State @ #14 Stanford
For some time it looked like an Oregon State win.
The did 23-14 in the third quarter and then Stanford did come back and scored 13 unanswered points because of great offense and great defense.
Stanford did play good and I'm curious to see, how the PAC 12 will shape out at the end of the season.
23-27 -> Jacks Score: 38-16

Penn State @ #16 Nebraska
It will be interesting to see Penn State over the next few years.
With all the penalties of the NCAA, it will be hard to keep the level of playing.
Will the spirit of this first season under the new coach, under such difficult conditions, be left alive?
If so, this team has to be watched.
They fought Nebraska to the teeth and did only lose because of some small errors.
Basically a few crucial plays did seal the game in favour of the Huskers.
The Huskers look like they have already one foot in the Big Ten Championship game.
But Michigan is right behind them.
23-32 -> Jacks Score: 39-16

#15Texas A&M @ #1 Alabama
So here is the upset of the year.
The Aggies come to Alabama and did win.
They had a giant first quarter, did score 20 points, with one crucial turnover against Alabama.
The Crimson Tide did manage to do basically nothing.
Then they came back and did capitalized of a "4th and 6, let's go for it"-call by Texas A&M and did went into the halftime 20-14.
Think about being a Tide fan, playing at home, unbeaten team.
Your team had a shitty first quarter but battle back and now it is 20-14.
I would be fine. I would say "OK, now comes the beating!"
But the Aggies Defense did allow only 3 more points in the third Quarter and starting of the fourth quarter it was 20-17, and Texas A&M knocking on the door of the Alabama Endzone!
The Tide-Defense does only allow a Field Goal, another Field Goal try by Texas A&M did miss.
Time for the comeback, right?
Right! Here comes the 50 yard pass into the Texas A&M half of the field, no our super running back gets the ball and rushes for 8 yards and FUMBLES!
"That *peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep*" must have thought a fan.
A&M responded with a deep bomb for TD. 29-17, 8:30 left.
The Elephants did respond with a TD on their own and made it 29-23.
Held the Aggies to 3-and-out and then dropped a bomb to the Aggies 6 yard line!
First down ... stopped.
Second down ... stopped.
Third down ... stopped.
Fourth down for the win ... INTERCEPTED!
"That *peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep* can't just *peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep* and *peeeeeeeeeeeep* the *peeep* ball?"
Or so must be the conversation on the ranks.
Well ... The Aggies won and the Crimson Tide has to delay the Championship Repeat Hopes for a few weeks, maybe can burry them already.
29-23 -> Jacks Score: 39-17

#2 Kansas State @ TCU
That was a clear game.
Three quarters did Kansas State basically dominate the game, not by scoring all over the map, no by not allowing a score by TCU and Scoring 23 well earned points.
TCU did score 10 points in the fourth, but that did not matter.
The Wildcats did again prevail and they did well.
Baylor next and then Texas.
It might happen that this team play for the BIG PRICE in January.
TCU looked not bad, they have to adjust to the changes in their roster, I expect them to become stronger in one or two seasons.
23-10 -> Jacks Score: 40-17

Fresno State @ Nevada
So the Mountain west is still wide open.
Nevada did not upset Fresno State and Boise State did win and so did the San Diego State Aztecs.
It might happen that there will be three Mountain West Champions.
All unranked and all in some low level bowls.
The Fresno State - Nevada game was open until the third quarter, where Fresno State basically put more points in the board then they had scored in the first half.
That lead was to much for Nevada.
Nevada has to chance to beat Boise State in the upcoming weeks and that way denial them the championship.
52-36 -> Jacks Score: 40-18

Some games of interest:

- Ball State did win against Toledo. That way, Northern Illinois and Kent State are frontrunners for the MAC Championship game. But still some games to play, so nothing is final.

- Louisiana Monroe did lose against Arkansas State. The Red Wolves now are on the way to repeat last years championship, the only have to beat Middle Tennessee in two weeks.

- Florida State did beat Virginia Tech on the road. The Hokies still need two wins for a Bowl.

- UConn did beat Pitt, their first Big East win this season.

- Michigan needed some magic to overcome Northwestern at home. They were trailing in the last seconds, hit a bomb with only a few seconds left, which did bounce on the receiver and got caught.
A field goal sealed the game for OT and there the Michigan Defense did stop Northwestern for the win.
Close one!

- Louisville did lose at Syracuse the first time this season. So they can stop the "we are also undefeated, why are we not in the BCS ranks higher"-Chat and can now focus on the Big East.
The game against Rudgers will probably decide the Big East on the last gameday.

- Virginia did beat Miami by one point. This ACC Coastal is totally nuts. Who ever will go into the Championship game will get creamed by Clemson.

- Iowa did lose against Purdue. First win in the Big Ten for the Boilermakers this season.

- Florida was almost beaten by Louisiana Lafayette from the SBC. The SEC really has a problem with the SBC.

- Mizzou did win against Tennessee by 4!!!! OTs and I'm sure this did seal the deal for the Tennessee coach.
The Vols will look for a new one.

- Georgia Tech did win against North Carolina on the road ... 68 to 50! Is there a "let's keep the defense at home" lottery running? Almost every week there is a scoring battle somewhere.

- Florida Atlantic did win against Western Kentucky. Looks like the rebuilding for the Owls does get better.

- Umass gets its first win in the FBS ranks against Akron. That makes Southern Miss the only program with no wins this season.

- Troy did beat Navy on the road. Navy is not the same as the former years ....

- Marshall did lose against UAB. Tough year for Marshall, doesn't seam to go anywhere.

- LSU won against Mississippi State. That makes it three in a row for the Bulldogs.

I'm on vacation the next two weeks.
I probably have Internet access, but I’m not 100% sure.

‘Til next time

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