2013-04-09 17:15

Hello everybody!

The page awarded another trophy to the "Best rated game in March 2013". And once more, we were able to defend our position on top of that ranking. A big thank you!

Here is just a small reminder about our rating competition: For each percentage you drive our score higher and higher, Credits will be paid. At the moment we have a ranking of 77.58%. So what to do?

1.) Visit

2.) Click "Best"

3.) Click "Play!" - which redirects you to

Thank you!

For pushing our rating above 77.5%, here the next 10 Credits are on their way to you!

One a side note: Keep in mind, we have Season Rollover this Sunday. Prepare your roster, check your Youth Academy for leaving Youngsters, and in case you are using the HR department, don't forget to check for expiring contracts!

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