2013-04-13 11:54

The season 7 is nearly over now, Congratulations to all Winners!

As always, we are going to prepare some small changes for season8, which we would like to introduce to you.


We added 3 Offensive formations (Singleback Big, Singleback Spread, Flexbone), and 1 Defensive formation (3-1-7). You can find more information in the Manual.


We made some slight changes to the formation balancing. Topic of changes are Shotgun 2 WR, Shotgun 4WR, Dime and Goalline D.


In the Playbook, there is now a more granular setting for the elapsed time. This should add a bit more flexibility. We know, this is not completely what we were asked for, just understand it as a first step.


The blitzing percentage for both LB and SF are now from 0 up to 25%.

More to come!

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