2013-05-14 22:16

That is a topic we put very early on our Roadmap - the Special Team.

As you know, in the current engine the Special Team is more or less a "roll the dice" thing. There are no Touchdowns by returning the ball, and the return yards on both punts and kickoffs are quite limited.

Right now we activated engine 3.2, for Friendly games(not Friendly Cups!) and Scrimmages. What's new with this update?

On both Punts and Kickoffs there is a real calculation now for tackle situations, even the Kicker/Punter can tackle now. This might result in a return touchdown, if the returning player is a bit fast and agile...

Punter might kick out of bounds now, based on their "understanding of the gameplay", the possible yards they could punt, the distance to the goalline, and some more conditions. And you know what happens when the punt goes out of bounds on the 3 yard line of your opponent...

What is not possible:

  • there are no returning touchdowns on kickoffs that were returned for touchdowns...
  • the ingame stats do not fully support the new Special Team mechanism now, will be added
  • the balancing of these new actions might be a bit odd, please go in the forum if you see such things - we will run further tests during the next days and will adjust the things if needed
  • there might be other bugs on that, if you see them please
  • No Returns in Overtime for now...

Now, have fun watching your Kick returner in action...

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