2013-07-05 09:41

Independence Day is over now. This means, we have to look at our Social media Campaign and its outcome.

1. Facebook
Count at the campaign start: 231, current count: 281

50 new Followers = 10 Credits

2. Google+:
Count at campaigns start: 78, current count is 95.

17 new "Pluses" = 3 Credits

3. Twitter:
Count at campaigns start: 66, at the moment we have 80.

14 new Followers = 2 Credits
5 Tweets with #RedZoneAction = 5 Credits

If I am not mistaken, this sums up to 20 Credits...we give you 5 on top, so 25 Credits are on the way to you right now.

Thanks you very much for participating!

What can you do with these Credits?

You could play Scrimmage games as example. This is a great opportunity for checking tactics or how Youngsters behave on the field. You can have as many Scrimmages per day as you like, just check this out under "Games" / "Scrimmages".

Why not joining a Friendly Cup, and play your "own league" with some friends maybe? By using Credits you can create your very own league, just check it under "Games" / "Friendly Cups"!

There are some more reasonable ways to spend your Credits - you have plenty of them now. Read more...

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