2011-10-05 21:19

The first few weeks the Transfer Market ran in a very special mode. There were many Free Agents on the Market, just to make it vital.

This period is over now, and the Free Agents entering the market are limited as following:

1.) The number of Free Agents per entering the Market is strictly bound to the number of active managers. If more managers are entering the game, more Free Agents will be available.

2.) The initial price of those Free Agents is not fix anymore. Much more the skills, the talent, the age and the position are taken into account. This means you will see Free Agents for 20,000, and you might see some for 150,000. A Quarterback is worth much more than a Gunner. A 18 years old player is more worth than the veteran turning into age 30 next offseason, and so on.

This will be more like Real Life, and it should help to keep the market alive.

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