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HR Department

The HR Department gives you the ability to negotiate contracts with your players and Free Agents on the Transfer Market. Contracts can be cheaper than salaries based on the skill level, if you are a badass on negotiating. Salaries based on contracts are stable during the contract period, so they give you fixed rates for your financial forecast.

Once you switch for Contracts you can NOT switch back to Skill based salaries until the next Seasonrollover is over.

There are different Contract types available. You can negotiate up to 5 Franchise Contracts for a length of 3 to 4 seasons, and you can negotiate as many 1 to 2 season contracts as you like. In the last season that a contract is valid, you will get a reminder that you need to negotiate a new contract with that player. For the Contract negotiation just enter the HR Department and press Start for the player you want to negotiate with.

Be careful on your negotiation. The players have expectations, and if you fail on negotiating the Contract within the 5 chances you have per player, the player will leave at the end of your season. There is no chance to enter the negotiation again, once you failed!

You can sign Free Agents from the Transfer Market as long as they are 18+ years old; the procedure is the same as it is for your own players. If you negotiate successfully, the player moves immediately to your club. This is possible as long there is no bid on him and only during the last 24 hours to the transfer deadline.

If you plan to fire a player and his contract is valid, he will ask you for some extra money, based on the contract amount and duration. In case your bankroll is in the red, such a penalty won't be charged. You are not allowed to fire players or to cancel their contracts within a period of 45 minutes before a games kickoff, and 15 minutes after the end of a game of your team.

Selling players is possible, even if the contract is valid. The contract is removed if a player is sold. If the new owner uses the HR Department, a new contract can be negotiated.

The HR Department closes at Friday midnight before Season rollover. You have to finish all the contract work until that point. Once the Department closed, you cannot negotiate any further contracts for promoted youngsters, for Free Agent from the market and your own players. You will receive a warning via PM a few days before the Department is going to close.

If you like to switch back to skill based (aka non-contract-based) salaries, you can do so in the Settings area of the HR Department. You can switch on and off such closing request until the Season rollover happens. Once you switch your Department off, it will become "demolished" at the next Season rollover. All your players will then receive salaries based on their skill progress. Keep the possibly negative influence on your teams exonomy in mind.

There is a limit in place to protect managers from adding a zero too much on the bid. The maximum possible bid cannot be higher than 4 times of the players salary expectation.

One click contracts:
If you are in a rush, you can negotiate all contracts by just one click. Downside: you cannot prolong any further then to next seasons end, no franchise contracts are available, and most important: you will pay the price each player is asking for 

Demo negotiation: Start Demo Negotiation