2015-11-16 16:52

Katastrophenalarm (means disaster alert)

This weekend did hit College Football blindsided.

Before that gameday, there was a clear road to the playoffs for every conference champion of each conference.
Now, it's getting tricky for several teams and for the PAC12 it's a disaster.

Bad weekend for Baylor, Stanford, LSU, Utah and Temple.

Let's have a look at the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 11

Sat. Nov. 14 - 3:30 pm ET
#2 Alabama @ #17 Mississippi State
Some did pick the Bulldogs as perfect trap game, but be assured, Alabama did their homework and after a slow start did shut Mississippi State up for good at halftime, leading 21-3.
The game went on in the 2nd half, but was more or less over at that time.
Alabama is now in a very comfortable position after the LSU loss.
They are 1 game up front and only have to play the Iron Bowl against Auburn.
That game is not won, but Auburn is not as good as it was in the past.
Before that the Crimson Tide have to punish a FCS team.
For the Bulldogs, this loss means they are out of the division title race for sure and can concentrate on the rivalry game against Ole Miss.
Alabama 31 - Mississippi State 6 -> Jacks Score: 32-11

Sat. Nov. 14 - 7:00 pm ET
#21 Memphis @ #24 Houston
This became almost an upset for the ages.
Memphis did lead 34-14 at the start of the 4th quarter.
Then came Houston.
Fueled by 2 Tigers turnovers did Houston shorten the lead and later took over the game with 35-34.
But Memphis was not finished.
With under 80 seconds to play did Memphis walk down the field and tried a FG from 48 yards, at 4th and 5 with 19 ticks left.
The kicker did kick wide right and that's that.
Houston stays unbeaten and is now in the leading position for the new years bowl, while Memphis has to hope for a strange finish by Navy and Houston to win the division.
Very unlikely to happen, means they are out.
Memphis 34 - Houston 35 -> Jacks Score: 33-11

Sat. Nov. 14 - 8:00 pm ET
#12 Oklahoma @ #6 Baylor
I did say, Oklahoma needs to prove this and they did.
This was a close game, but Baylor had to play from behind the whole day.
And that was at home.
They were able to tie the game at 13 and later at 20, but from that point on, they were trailing by 3 or more points.
The game was finally decided by an interception on the final Baylor drive.
The Sooners are not the favorite for the BIG12 title now, but they did come back into the discussion.
The bad news for the BIG12 is, if Oklahoma State does struggle at some point and does not finish unbeaten, the BIG12 might be left out of the playoffs, again.
Oklahoma 44 - Baylor 34 -> Jacks Score: 33-12

Sat. Nov. 14 - 10:00 pm ET
#10 Utah @ Arizona
I should have listened to the rest of my body, not my guts.
Arizona did win this in OT and wasted my pick and much worse, did drop Utah to a 2-loss team.
Bye bye National Championship dream.
At the end of the regular playing time the game was tied at 27.
The whole 4th quarter was scoreless.
Arizona did tie the game in the 3rd and then did happen not much until the final whistle.
The Utes did score 1st in OT with a FG and held Arizona also for a FG.
Then did Arizona score a TD and the Utes were unable to answer that.
Consequences are USC and Utah are now both with 2 conference losses and USC wins the direct compare.
Arizona did a bowl with that win.
Utah 30 - Arizona 37 -> Jacks Score: 33-13

More interesting results:
Virginia Tech did win their 1st game after Frank Beamers retirement announcement against Georgia Tech 23-21. VT must still win 1 out of 2 games left to secure a bowl spot.
USC won against Colorado 27-24. The Trojans did almost fell to the Buffaloes. With that win is USC now in the lead for the PAC12 South!
Oregon did beat Stanford 38-36 and did by that more or less doom the PAC12 regarding the playoff chances.
Oklahoma State survived a road game against Iowa State 35-31 and is now the only unbeaten team in the BIG12 left.
Arkansas did beat LSU 31-14. The Razorbacks were the laughing stock at the start of the season after 3 consecutive losses to Toledo, Texas Tech and Texas A&M and are now 6-4 overall and 4-2 in the SEC.
Michigan did almost lose to Indiana, won in OT 48-41.
Washington State won against UCLA on a final TD pass in the endzone 31-27.
South Florida did their job and won against Temple 44-23. Temple can now lose the grip over the AAC East, if they lose to Memphis and/or UConn the next 2 weeks.
Pittsburgh won against Duke 31-13.
Georgia won against Auburn, close 20-13.
West Virginia did beat Texas 38-20.
Louisville won against Virginia 38-31.
Air Force did beat Utah State 35-28. Air Force now in a good position to win the division.
Arizona State won against Washington 27-17.
Vanderbilt won against Kentucky 21-17.
After their wild week win hunger strike, a president stepping down and the announcement that their HC will retire to fight cancer did Missouri win against BYU 20-16.
New Mexico did beat Boise State 31-24. Boise State now in a bad position to win the division.

'Til next time

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