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Riesendurcheinander (means Clusterfuck, but not that vulgar ...)

Welcome to the big mess in the playoff standings this weeks games did create.

The ACC looks still OK, but there are still games to play, right?
The BIG10 did see an upset at home by the favorite (Ohio State) to win the conference and suddenly a different team (Michigan State) is in the lead to win the division, and maybe the conference.
This can still be corrected, if Iowa wins the conference.
The BIG12 did their share of creating messy circumstances by winning and losing the wrong games from conference perspective, but because of all the other mess they might have a chance to get a team in the playoffs.
The PAC12 had only a slim chance left and after this week, all hopes are on Stanford to win, because if not, the conference is for sure out as out as a team can be.
And the SEC? Well, No big changes for them, except that Florida did almost lost to a not so successful team of a much weaker conference (Florida Atlantic), so if Florida wins the SEC, that will hurt also.

Overall the whole situation did not get easier.

There are only 2 unbeaten teams left (Clemson and Iowa), all 1-loss teams are no more or less equally aligned to get 2 playoff spots, that's the current picture.
Both unbeaten teams will have to play in conference championship games.
If they win, all good for them (and some probably 1-loss teams get sorted out), but of they lose, they do get added to the big bunch of 1-loss teams, waiting for the final judgment of the committee.
Of cause their disadvantage would be the lost conference title.

The race for the best spot in the committee ranking by a non-power-5-team got also a bigger hit with Houston losing.
I'm still sure they can make it, if they beat Navy, who are very good this season.

Let's have a look at the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 12

Sat. Nov. 21 - 3:30 pm ET
#9 Michigan State @ #3 Ohio State
This was meant to clear the picture.
A Ohio State win would kick MSU out of the competition and would boost the Buckeyes reputation.
Instead we saw a team unable to move the ball against the Spartans and also a team which did let Michigan State get into field goal range to kick the winning field goal with time running out.
The star running back of the Buckeyes did declare himself for the draft right after the loss, stating bad play calling.
He got only 12 carries during the game and was invisible during crunch time.
The backup QB did also hint his team leave after the season.
This is not a good situation for next weeks matchup against the resurrected Michigan Wolverines, on the road in the big house.
They do need a win there and have to hope for a MSU loss against Penn State.
Yeah, I know.
They better start preparing for 1 of the non-playoff-bowls.
But things can happen.
This matchup was a defense battle I'm no fan of, so I'm happy it's over.
Michigan State did win, even some Ohio State players don't they were better.
Doesn't matter, if you win, you were the better team, by default.
Michigan State 17 - Ohio State 14 -> Jacks Score: 33-14

Sat. Nov. 21 - 3:30 pm ET
UCLA @ #13 Utah
Oh man, this was awful.
Both teams are not really known for low scoring games, but this game had only 26 points in total.
UCLA was able to get into the leading role early and held that lead until the game was over.
Utah did score 3 field goals, that's it.
Where was the team which did score over 30 points per game?
Not on the field.
They were almost lucky that also the around 35 points scoring UCLA teams also did not show up.
Unfortunately UCLA did score enough to win the game.
This did seal the season for Utah, which went from underdog to national title contender to mid level divisional standings.
They can't win the division now, they can only watch the UCLA vs USC rivalry game to congratulate the winner for the trip to the title game against Stanford.
UCLA had some ups and downs so far in the season.
They can win the division by their own performance next week, which is a road game.
UCLA 17 - Utah 9 -> Jacks Score: 33-15

Sat. Nov. 21 - 3:30 pm ET
#24 Southern California @ #23 Oregon
And I had to many hopes for USC.
It looked like they were back on track.
Granted, Oregon did look also very good the past few games, but still, USC did look very good.
Well, they never had a chance.
Oregon did lead early and defended the lead the Oregon way, scoring as much as possible.
USC still has the chance to win the division, they must win against UCLA, at home.
Oregon on the other hand would have needed a Stanford loss against their rival Cal, which did not happen.
For Oregon is only left the Civil War against Oregon State to boost their win total.
USC 28 - Oregon 48 -> Jacks Score: 33-16

Sat. Nov. 21 - 7:30 pm ET
#10 Baylor @ #6 Oklahoma State
Sometimes I'm stunned, how teams do perform in certain situations.
I was stunned by Oklahoma State against Baylor.
I mean, at home, as a favorite, against a beaten Baylor team, wouldn't you play your guts out to keep the advantage?
Baylor was able to score by will. Period.
Defense? Non existing.
Baylor had to play with their 3rd string QB and they won in this situation?
Oklahoma State did look not like a team which deserves a spot in the playoffs.
This games does create a weird situation.
Oklahoma State, Oklahoma and Baylor do all have 1 loss.
OKlahoma State and OKlahoma will face each other as last conference game.
The winner will get a share if the conference title.
Baylor will face TCU and Texas the next 2 weeks, and if they win both, they get also a shared title.
But, who will be the leading team?
OKlahoma did beat Baylor, Baylor did beat OKlahoma State.
If Oklahoma wins, they are up front, if Oklahoma State wins, Baylor is up front.
Now ... who will go to the playoffs?
Might be none, again.
Baylor 45 - Oklahoma State 35 -> Jacks Score: 33-17

Sat. Nov. 21 - 8:00 pm ET
#18 TCU @ #7 Oklahoma
And the other BIG12 matchup and the only game I did pick right this weekend.
And Oklahoma did barely win.
It did came down to a gutsy call at the last few second.
TCU did score the TD they needed to get the tie with a extra point, 51 seconds to play.
But instead of getting the tie, they decided to use the momentum and score a 2 point conversion.
The ball was snapped, the QB was pressured and ran to the right sideline, looking for an open man.
Then did 1 guy get open, right at the right sideline inside the endzone.
The QB did through softly the ball, aiming to get over the pressuring 3-4 defenders, but 1 Sooner jumped high enough to bat the ball away.
For Oklahoma it's now winning time against the Cowboys next week, on the road.
For TCU it's over, they can only play spoiler to Baylor next week.
TCU 29 - OKlahoma 30 -> Jacks Score: 34-17

More interesting results:
Already last Tuesday did Toledo win against Bowling Green, 44-28. The MAC can be won by any team entering the championship game.
On Wednesday did Northern Illinois win their game against Western Michigan, 27-19. NIU is still in the mix for the MAC division title.
South Florida did destroy Cincinnati 65-27 and still has to hope for a Temple loss to win the division.
Air Force wins their division by beating Boise State 37-30. They have to play San Diego State for the MWC Championship.
Notre Dame won their "home game" in Boston at Fenway (Home of the Boston Red Sox) against Boston College inside their Shamrock series 19-16. The Irish have won all their shamrock games so far.
Iowa did beat Purdue 40-20 and won their BIG10 division.
Florida did almost fall to Florida Atlantic, barely winning 20-14 in OT.
Stanford won their rivalry game against Cal 35-22 and won the PAC12 North.
Ole Miss did beat LSU 38-17, which is a) give Ole Miss the chance to win the SEC West if they win next week and Alabama loses, b) is LSU 3rd loss in a row and c) gives LSU eventually the reason to kick Les Miles as HC, which would be stupid.
Bad news to Virginia Tech fans, North Carolina did beat VT on Hokies last home game 30-27 and spoiled a perfect finish for Frank Beamer. Anyway, Virginia Tech can be proud to have such a classy coach for so long. He might have lost a beat the last few seasons, but overall, he was a game changer.
UConn did beat Houston 20-17 and spoiled the perfect season of the Cougars.
Northwestern did beat Wisconsin 13-7.
Temple is only 1 win away of the division title after winning against Memphis 31-12.
The Citadel (FCS) won against South Carolina 23-22. This is one of the worst losses a SEC team had, ever.
Kansas State came from behind and won against Iowa State 38-35. It did cost Paul Rhodes, HC of the Cyclones, the job.
Virginia wins against Duke, 42-37. The Cavaliers are now 3-4 in the conference, but only 4-7 overall. Duke is also 3-4 in the conference, but 6-5 overall.
Arizona State won the Duel in the Desert against rival Arizona 52-37.
Pittsburgh won against Louisville 45-34.
Mississippi State won their game against Arkansas 51-50! Bad luck for Arkansas, game winning FG was blocked!

'Til next time

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