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Kameradenschweine (means Backstabber)

Think about your boss talking openly that your job might be in doubt after next weekend, while your efforts of the past 11 years did give your company a more market shares and helped them prosper.
Then, after the weekend, suddenly does your boss sound like your job never was in doubt and you are best pals.

That's what happened to Les Miles, the coach of LSU over last week.
There were rumours over rumours and the AD stated openly that his job status will be announced after the weekend.

All the backstabbing AD needed to do was, to say right at the start, that Les Miles is and stays their HC.
Did he say that?
So, for sure there was chatter in the rooms regarding letting him go (for about 20 mio. dollars buyout) and Les Miles and his team did win that game against Texas A&M this weekend and suddenly there was no doubt Les Miles will be LSUs HC next season?
Get some balls you sucky AD!
If I would be Les Miles ... I would quit. Fuck the 20 mio dollars, this is about integrity.

That's not how you treat a national championship winning coach who did work hard for the team the past 11 seasons and who did produce more playing NFL soldiers than any other college.
You may question his late success or lack of it, but then be consequent and either do this the right way, or leave him alone.

This weekend did solve some open equations on the playoff calculations, but it's still not final yet.
The next week will give us the CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES and that will matchup more or less every top ranked teams against each other.
The winners of the power 5 conferences will (almost) all get a spot and the losers will get some other bowl spots.

Some coaching positions were already filled over the last weekend.
For example is Frank Beamers successor found in Memphis HC Justin Fuente.

Another hire was Hawai'is new HC, Nick Rolovich, who was Nevadas OC this season and former Hawai'i player and Assistant coach.

Bill Cubit was named HC of Illinois by dropping the interims status, so he will be back (although he only got a 2 year deal.)

Iowa State will very likely get Toledos HC Matt Campbell as next season HC, which could be great for the Cyclones, but given the history of Iowa State, Campbell might get burned there.

Another school dropped the interims tag from their coach and named him permanent. USC will stick to Clay Helton.

On the other hand did Tulane fire their HC Curtis Johnson after the last game and will look for some replacement. Tulane is a tough spot to coach.

Also did Rutgers clear house and did not only fire their HC Kyle Flood, but also their AD Julie Hermann.

Mike London did step down from Virginia.

And for some maybe a surprising move, but not really surprising was Mark Richt leaving Georgia after 15 seasons. Rumours are, he was fired, and officially he stepped down.

Lots of coaching changes now and when all the next spots are filled, there will be some more job openings.

Let's have a look at the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 13

Sat. Nov. 28 - 12:00 pm ET
#8 Ohio State @ #10 Michigan
Boy, the do some stuff during this rivalry.
You should read some articles about this game over the past 50 years.
Way too much to write about it in a small blog.
This seasons game was expected to be rough.
Hmm. Let's say until halftime it was OK.
OSU did lead 14-10.
AFTER the halftime it became quite 1-dimemsional.
The Buckeyes did score 14 points each quarter, while Michigan did score ... 3 points in the whole half.
I have to say, at the end did that game turn out as I expected it to be at season start.
The only difference is, after the whole season was played, I did not expect the Wolverine play so bad at home and I did not expect the Buckeyes to play that good.
At the end it was all just for the history books, since none of the teams did win the division.
Both will play a bowl next month (or January).
Ohio State 42 - Michigan 13 -> Jacks Score: 34-18

Sat. Nov. 28 - 3:30 pm ET
Penn State @ #5 Michigan State
This was a statement.
The Spartans knew the outcome of the GAME and they played ... FOOTBALL!
Penn State had no chance and they were even taunted by the Spartans late in the game by letting a lineman playing tailback.
Not sure why they did that, but in no way was that call necessary.
The Spartans did win and by that got the trip to the BIG10 Championship game against the unbeaten Iowa Hawkeyes.
Michigan State 55 - Penn State 16 -> Jacks Score: 35-18

Sat. Nov. 28 - 3:30 pm ET
#2 Alabama @ Auburn
This looked a bit exciting in the 1st quarter, but became a bit boring after that, if you are not an Alabama hardcore fan.
Overall did Alabama do everything right enough to win this game and seal the SEC West division.
Next stop SEC Championship Game against Florida.
Auburn will wait for a Bowl call.
Alabama 29 - Auburn 13 -> Jacks Score: 36-18

Sat. Nov. 28 - 3:30 pm ET
#22 UCLA @ USC
UCLA has to blame themselves for this loss.
They had way too many turnovers in this.
USC did something special in this season.
Destined to win the division did their alcoholic HC lose too many games, left the team and got fired.
The interims coach did turn the team around in no time, won almost every game after that and now ... won the division.
They will face Stanford for the PAC 12 Championship.
UCLA can only wait for a Bowl invitation.
UCLA 21 - USC 40 -> Jacks Score: 37-18

Sat. Nov. 28 - 7:15 pm ET
#18 Ole Miss @ #21 Mississippi State
Other game with a sloppy team at the start.
The Bulldogs were trailing 0-21 fuelled by turnovers before they started a comeback.
But too soft and too slow did the Bulldogs let Ole Miss win the end the Egg Bowl.
Ole Miss 38 - Mississippi State 27 -> Jacks Score: 37-19

Sat. Nov. 28 - 7:30 pm ET
#13 Florida State @ #12 Florida
This went more or less exactly as I imagined it to go.
Florida did look bad in this game and I'm still wondering how the heck they were able to win the SEC East.
If this team does win the SEC, something is wrong.
For Florida State, this was a nice finish on a bit disappointing season.
For the Gators it was a small preview on what will come next weekend.
Florida State 27 - Florida 2 -> Jacks Score: 38-19

Sat. Nov. 28 - 7:30 pm ET
#6 Notre Dame @ #9 Stanford
At the end of the game, this came closer than I expected it to be.
Funny thing (if you are not an Irish fan) the Irish had basically won the game.
With 30 ticks left on the clock did Notre Dame score a TD for the 36-35 lead.
But Stanford was not beaten.
A good return, some big plays and good time management did result in great field position with 6 seconds left to play.
Stanford did nail the 45 yard field goal and won.
Notre Dame 36 - Stanford 38 -> Jacks Score: 39-19

Sat. Nov. 28 - 8:00 pm ET
#3 Oklahoma @ #11 Oklahoma State
Oh god, how can a team suck so much?
I think the circumstances were clear, so why did Oklahoma State did reserve their worst game of the season for the most important game?
After halftime the game was over.
Oklahoma did lead 44-20 and the Cowboys dropped the man cards and played like losers.
They did only score 3 points in the second half, while Oklahoma did score and score.
The Sooners are now in a very comfortable situation as single BIG12 champ.
The Cowboys can weep in their beds.
Oklahoma 58 - Oklahoma State 23 -> Jacks Score: 39-20

More interesting results:

Iowa did beat Nebraska 28-20 to stay unbeaten.
TCU did buries Baylors dreams of a BIG12 title with a 28-21 win.
Houston did crush Navy 52-31 and won the division.
Oregon won the Civil War against Oregon State 52-42.
Washington did beat Washington State 45-10.
Western Michigan did beat Toledo.
Miami won against Pittsburgh 29-24.
Western Kentucky did beat Marshall 49-28 for the division title.
Clemson won against South Carolina 37-32 to stay unbeaten.
North Carolina did win against North Carolina State 45-34 to stay in the playoff hunt.
Temple won against UConn 27-3 to win the division.
Southern Miss beats Louisiana Tech 58-24 to win the division.
Virginia Tech did win their last regular season game with Frank Beamer against Virginia 23-20 and became bowl worthy. Beamer gets 1 more game by that.
Georgia won against Georgia Tech barely 13-7.
Louisville did win the Governor's Cup against Kentucky 38-24.
LSU did win against Texas A&M 19-7.
New Mexico won against Air Force 47-35.

'Til next time

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