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The last regular season game is coming.

Traditionally is this weekend reserved for the once exciting clash between Army and Navy, but since more than a decade, this game became just a big advertisement for military services and the power of the forces.

Before I will preview the game, some news from the (football) front.

The coaches carousel had turned quite quickly this season and many schools already found their new man.
Losers of this fast progress are likely the coordinators of the bigger schools, which got for example last season some big time jobs, this season so far none.
But there were not many big time jobs open this season and therefore it's no wonder the coordinators got less promotions.

Indianas coaching change was strange, the old coach did Kevin Wilson left on his own, with no real need as it seems, and Tom Allen, the so far DC of Indiana, got the HC gig on the same day.
Rumors are, that something was going on behind the locker room doors and that the AD might have been forced to fire Allen anyway and with that solution both sides did avoid a public theater.
We might here from Indiana in the next few weeks more.

Oregon fired their HC Mark Helfrich and selected South Florida’s HC Willie Taggert as replacement.
Tony Dungy had spoken out for Taggert in public, whatever that means for you and the school.
The other candidate, Matt Rhule from Temple, had decided NOT to take that job and left it open for Taggert.
Rhule was selected to coach Baylor, who’s interims Coach for this season had stepped down.

Purdue has selected Jeff Brohm from Western Kentucky as new HC.
Whether that is a good fit, I can't say. Purdue is a tough spot.

San Jose State got their new man in Brent Brennan, so far the WR coach of Oregon State and a former assistant of the Spartans.

That's it so far.

Big openings left?
Non power 5 school, only South Florida, Cincinnati and Temple from the American and Nevada from the Mountain West.
There are rumors about several schools who’s coaches might like to switch are which are in discussion for one of those spots, so there might be more openings soon, which are not even there yet.

Biggest loser so far is P.J. Fleck of the unbeaten Western Michigan Broncos, who was in discussion for the next big step, but no power 5 school decided to take him.
Since he is so far not interested in a spot in the American or Mountain West, he might stay at WMU.
Whether that is a good move I don't know.
But he is young and he will learn and if he is good he will get a spot, sometime in the future.

Let's have a look at the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAME FOR WEEK 15

Sat. Dec 10 15:00 PM ET
#25 Navy vs. Army
As said, it's the only game this weekend and it became over the years a big marketing tool for the armed forces.
Special uniforms for the players, special setting, special stadium, this season in Baltimore, special guests and special show.
It seems the football game itself is not important.
The thing which does makes it a bit different than in the past few seasons is, Army did grow some muscles and had the best season since ages.
That's also reflected in the line of the game, with Navy being only a 6-point favorite.
Can't remember when that was the last time.
The teams had played 118 times so far and started this in 1890.
Navy leads by 11 wins and is on a 14 game winning streak, since 2002.
You think Army is motivated this season?
For sure.
And they might be able to win this.
Last season it was clear that Navy would win it and won it by 4.
This season it's not that clear and we might see the end of the streak.
For sure.
I would love to see it, since I love upsets, but I will pick Army only then when I feel they can win this for real.
And I don't feel that way.
If they meet the Navy teams of last week, they might win it, since that team got stuffed by Temple to lose the conference title game, but I'm sure they will get into THIS game a bit higher motivated, even if that seems crazy.
I will not be sorry or surprised to the the Black Knights winning this, but I feel that Navy will win in a close one and will extend the streak to 15.
Midshipmen win.

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