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It's getting hotter.

For teams and coaches.

Finally the Tennessee Volunteers did pull the trigger in Butch Jones in his 5th year at the school.
He is gone and Brady Hoke, DL-Coach and former Michigan Wolverines HC did get the interims coach tag.
There are several other coaches on the hot seat, but Jones was a dead man walking since several weeks.
Why he was fired now and not weeks ago?
I don't know.

For some teams the destiny is vice versa.

They are getting hotter in terms of championship contention and playoff spots.
And some teams got their final blow that only a church full of praying virgins might help them to reach the playoffs.

Most conference do only have 2 weeks left in regular season games and most conferences are almost set and done.

I will make an overview of that in the next preview.

Here are the selected games for BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP 3 GAMES FOR WEEK 11

Sat, Nov. 11
#1 Georgia @ #10 Auburn
That was a big win for Auburn.
Georgia was up to that almost labeled as Alabama V2 and perfect and Auburn just steamrolled them.
Georgia can still win the SEC, they are set for the conference final as SEC East winner, regardless the outcome of that game here.
Auburn on the other hand must win the Iron Bowl against Alabama to get into the title game.
Possible, but a tough one.
I have to admit that I did not think Gus Mahlzahn would make that team that good, but he did.
Georgia 17 - Auburn 40 -> Jacks TOP 3 GAMES Score: 21-13

Sat, Nov. 11
#2 Alabama @ #16 Mississippi State
Alabama was struggling with an injured squad, but at the end they did still win this game and are still one of the few perfect teams in the nation.
The Crimson Tide will now have a meaningless game against a FCS team and then will face Auburn for the division title.
That should be fun.
MSU can improve their SEC record with the last 2 games against struggling Ole Miss and Arkansas and might get a very good bowl spot.
Alabama 31 - Mississippi State 24 -> Jacks TOP 3 GAMES Score: 22-13

Sat, Nov. 11
#3 Notre Dame @ #7 Miami
Oh man, that Notre Dame train became a train wreck in just one game.
Miami did do most of the game all right and did dominate Notre Dame the whole day.
Miami will clash with Clemson for the ACC title soon, Notre Dame can only play and wish, but realistically they are out of contention for a playoff spot, even if they win all remaining games.
Notre Dame 8 - Miami 41 -> Jacks TOP 3 GAMES Score: 22-14

Other interesting games:

Sat, Nov. 11
#9 Washington @ Stanford
Surprise! Stanford won 30-22 and did by that more or less eliminate the whole PAC12 from playoff contention.
Both team now have a chance, together with Wazzu, to win the PAC12 North.
Jacks interesting games Score: 20-13

Sat, Nov. 11
#12 Michigan State @ #13 Ohio State
Interesting. Ohio State did spank MSU heavily 48-3 and is now back in the driver seat to win the division.
Still some games to play, so nothing is save right now.
MSU has to hope for some upsets.
Jacks interesting games Score: 21-13

Sat, Nov. 11
#15 Oklahoma State @ #21 Iowa State
Oh! My upset bid was denied and the Cowboys did win 49-42.
They are now in good position to win the #2 spot in the championship game, but do need TCU to lose another one, I guess.
Iowa State can only hope for a lot of upsets.
Jacks interesting games Score: 21-14

Sat, Nov. 11
#20 Iowa @ #8 Wisconsin
Wisconsin is right now the best bet for the BIG10 to get into the playoffs.
Badgers won 38-14 and are still perfect and set for the title game.
Jacks interesting games Score: 22-14

Sat, Nov. 11
#19 Washington State @ Utah
Wazzu won 33-25 and is still in the mix for the PAC12-North.
Jacks interesting games Score: 23-14

Sat, Nov. 11
#6 TCU @ #5 Oklahoma
Oklahoma is hot right now and will likely secure the #1 spot in the BIG12.
They won 38-20 against TCU and are now the lone top team.
Jacks interesting games Score: 24-14

More astonishing results from the weekend:
Ohio as beaten Toledo 38-10. Toledo is still leading in their division, but are no longer unbeaten, which is a good sign for the MAC finals, in which Toledo will likely play.
North Carolina has won their 1st ACC match, against Pitt 34-31 on the road. It was their 2nd win of the season in total.
Georgia Tech has taken down Virginia Tech 28-22. Looks like VT is losing some steam at the end of the season.
Army has won against Duke 21-16 and is now 8-2 and 6-0 at home.
Indiana won their 1st BIG10 match 24-14, against Illinois, which are still winless in the BIG10.
Minnesota won against Nebraska 54-21, which will likely make the HC of the Huskers wiggling on his seat. It's hot and getting hotter.
South Alabama did beat Arkansas State 24-19, who lost their first game inside the conference that way. The Sun Belt is now wide open with 4 teams having 1 loss so far.

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